‘Your Place Your Name’ – Council calls for community input to name CCS in Gordon Street

With construction well underway on the Cultural and Civic Space Project, one of the actions to be pursued is an Official Naming Process for what is set to become a landmark destination in Coffs Harbour.

by Kate Pembroke, Team Leader Communications, CHCC

Coffs Harbour Mayor Councillor Denise Knight, said, “it’s time for this project to become a place so get those thinking caps on and put your best ideas forward.  This is the time to come up with a birth name that is truly unique and stands the test of time.

“This is a place for community so we want the community involved in coming up with an appropriate name that reflects what the project is at its core.  This place will create opportunities for current and future generations and is being designed and created with reconciliation at its heart.”

The Coffs community is invited to participate in the naming via:

  1. Community call-out via a survey on Council’s Have Your Say page: https://haveyoursay.coffsharbour.nsw.gov.au/cultural-and-civic-space. This will be open for 3 weeks from Monday 12 July to Friday 30 July
  2. Dropping their name idea into one of the suggestion boxes. These will be located in the Council Admin Building, Coffs Harbour City Libraries (Coffs, Toormina and Woolgoolga), the Regional Gallery Rigby House and the Regional Museum Harbour Drive. These will be open for 3 weeks also from Monday 12 July to Friday 30 July.

In addition to the community call-out, creative place naming workshops will take place with representatives of the Gumbaynggirr Nation and other community stakeholders.

All name suggestions will go into pool that will be shortlisted and considered by the Project Board with a final official name recommendation to go to Council.

Council is calling for inclusive, respectful and creative ideas.

Local Talent and Expertise

Local branding and marketing agency, saso.creative, is working with Council’s Cultural and Civic Space Project Team in the planning and execution of the place naming and branding project. Their extensive experience in marketing, design, planning and strategy — plus the fact that they’re local make them the ideal partner to work with.

Creative Director, Sam Chapman, said, “We’re very pleased to be working on what we consider the most important cultural project in years for Coffs Harbour. And to be working alongside other local talent like BVN Architects. It shows that Council acknowledge, respect and believe that talent and expertise is available locally and is willing to give small local businesses the big tick.”

The above is a CHCC media release dated Monday 12 July 2021.

10 thoughts on “‘Your Place Your Name’ – Council calls for community input to name CCS in Gordon Street

  1. How about “Coffs Harbour Council Administration”. Why the need to elevate this distasteful lump of architecture to anything other than what it is.

  2. “Knight’s Folly”
    This surely would remind rate payers of the ineptitude of this council.

  3. We are asked to suggest an “appropriate name that reflects what the project is at its core”. WOW!
    If 15,000 protest signatures and 800 letters of appeal were dismissed as the rumblings of an insignificant minority group, how could we take this invitation seriously? The lexicon of polite society is inadequate to reflect the community feeling for this “project at its core”!
    I feel for Kate Pembroke who was handed this poison challis!

  4. If it wasn’t for Covid, the CCS would have been knocked on the head if council elections been held on time last year. Undoubtedly, the pro-CCS councillors would’ve unceremoniously been given the boot.

    Unfortunately, they were provided with a twelve month (now fifteen month) extension to their term by Shelly Hancock, which handed them a golden opportunity to commit the Coffs community to financial disaster.

    So, how about naming it Covid Castle?

  5. Charlie Yes I declare you the winner it is official the name for the Gordon street Frankenstein is !!!!!! wait for it , wait, ( Covid Castle ) .

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