Young Coffs Coast entrepreneurs meet to discuss a change agenda for Council elections in September

Last Thursday night a group of young business owners on the Coffs Coast got together in the Coffs Hotel’s brasserie to discuss ideas to better our city

It was a diverse group of people from hospitality, retail, freight, childcare and supermarkets all with businesses in the city centre and the jetty.

By Nikki Williams

It was a hugely productive evening. Our aim was to come up with a ideas to take to future council candidates that we as younger people feel are desperately needed to help Coffs Harbour thrive into the future, a future that our children will grow up in and we will hopefully be still running businesses in.

One key issue that really stood out for us all was the difference in progress between Port Macquarie and Yamba compared to Coffs Harbour. These towns have absolutely thrived in the past 10 years. Why are they getting it so right when we seem to be getting it so wrong?

Three of those who met last Thursday.

Some other discussion items were;

– Combine St/ highway traffic lights directing incoming traffic straight to Jetty via St Augustine’s completely bi passing the town centre

– Creating footpaths to make the city centre an extension of the jetty so we have the ability to have pay as you go scooter or bikes available

– How do we draw entertainment travelling from Sydney to Brisbane to stop over in the Coffs Coast?

– Why are Council only offering 3 year leases without options when this is stopping good quality investment ( ie; the Fishing Club)?!

– Thursday and Friday night Trade in the town centre. How do we incentivise businesses to stay open and create a safe bustling atmosphere there?

– How can we enforce property owners to invest in their shop fronts just as those in shopping centres have to to ensure our town stops looking so old and tired?

The jetty strip and town centre need a lot of work- why are we discussing new development all the time when what we have is dying?

Let’s work on fixing the development that is already here before we add anything new;

– is the town centre really the best place for the Mission Australia building for example?

– How do we give the Coffs Coast the vibe that makes younger people want to come here? Spend money here? Work here?

Stay tuned this is just a starting off point. The Coffs Coast has some extremely dynamic committed creative and intelligent young people working their butts off in the community every day.

We deserve to be listened to and heard. We are sick of committees made up mainly of old rich men.

It’s our children and us that will be here well into the future. We are watching our children grow up and get out of here as soon as they are able because there is nothing here for them.

We need change

Nikki Williams has a skin clinic in the Cinema Arcade in Coffs Harbour.


First published at Coffs Coast Independent News Facebook site. Reproduced here with permission.

One thought on “Young Coffs Coast entrepreneurs meet to discuss a change agenda for Council elections in September

  1. This story about young entreprenuers is such an inspiration. We moved to Coffs 4 years ago. We are very happy here but know there is so much that could be done to improve access around the city, particularly for pedestrians, cyclists and mobility vehicles. There are great businesses in Coffs but they are all over the place and often have poor access. Motor vehicles should not be regarded as the only viable transport option for people. The Pacific Highway bypass is an opportunity to make some great decisions about how the city works. Developers should not be the driving force in the city. Coffs has so much going for it. With some imaginative and sensitive planning and development it would be a real jewel. Best wishes to you all. Your enthusiasm and skills are an asset for us all.

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