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Yet another Coffs ‘Conservation Area’, the ‘Jew Hole’, sold to developers?

The ‘Jew Hole’ is a popular fishing hole down the back of Rex Hardacre Oval on Boambee Creek off Hogbin Drive which a lot of locals are familiar with and use for recreation purposes.

By the Editor

The CHCC sign near the ‘Jew Hole.’

It is known as Lot 21 and is zoned “Conservation Area”. When one walks the Ngaliwal Track it has cordoned off areas claiming ‘CHCC bush regeneration areas’ inside it.

And yet Outlook understands that the CEx Club in 2016 happily sold it off to the same developers who are proposing to develop a Koala Corridor, also known as Lot 2, across the road for development as well.

Isn’t it time this was stopped and stamped out by Council? Conservation areas are meant to be for good. Apparently.


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  1. Kaye Summers

    Land banked as part of Lot 2 Sawtell Road as far as I understand.

  2. Gabrielle Brabander

    So developers clear koala habitat to build a koala hospital to offset destroying koala habitat across the road. Then the whole thing is promoted as ecotourism? This is crazy!! Cant we just call this what it is; environmental destruction for money.

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