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Why has important bypass info from the RMS gone AWOL?

The RMS’s unwillingness to cooperate with the release of information for public consideration serves only to demonstrate an apparent reluctance for transparency regarding a publicly announced State significant project affecting a regional city of 75,000 people.

By Rod McKelvey

The public interest clearly outlined by numerous community groups, myself and many public residents simply stresses the obvious – there has been a substantial alteration to the project concept design for the Coffs Harbour bypass and attempts to bully the changes through the community by obfuscation of the facts and withholding of information. For a public service department this is unacceptable.

Now it’s apparent there’s moves afoot to clear the RMS website of formally available documentation that has informed our submissions. What else might be going on behind closed doors can only be left to the imagination as GIPA requests targeted email traffic between individuals in an attempt to discover how when and why the decision was made to change from tunnels to hideous cuttings.

The Connell Wagner Concept Design that’s been available on the RMS Website since 2008 suddenly cannot be found? We all should be very concerned at this development.

First published at The Coffs Bypass Action Group Facebook page.

See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/853408778164579/?multi_permalinks=1002122186626570&notif_id=1544475650296031&notif_t=group_highlights

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