What’s coming up by way of CCO local stories?


In October of last year we listed a number of issues we believed voters would find important when going to the delayed council elections this year.

That story can be read here; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/a-collection-of-issues-voters-may-want-to-consider-for-next-years-council-elections/

We originally did not plan to return to after Australia Day but we managed to get ahead of schedule on our site redesign and refresh.

So we have been working on new material and investigating a number of angles.

Prior to the end of last year we did indeed focus on most of those we said we would look at before 2020 ended.

Namely the waste management, Two Tails and Council litigation stories.

Coming up between now and early March we also intend to look at the following;

  • The airport – an analysis of the known financials of the long term/lease/privatisation and also what the ‘unknowns’ might be too.
  • An analysis and discussion around broader NSW local government finances with a focus on what happened at the Central Coast Council with a view to seeing if their are any parallels that might apply locally.
  • The CCS proposed for Gordon Street – we will be shining a light on the projected interest rate figures and costs that were given to Councillors towards the end of last year.

There are a number of other stories we are looking into but which will require quite a bit of primary investigation such as interviews.

Naturally we will also focus on local stories as they happen with the aim of ‘digging deeper’ where ever possible so as to analyse what they may mean rather than just ‘telling the bare bones of the story.’

All of which, of course, takes time and resources.


In a few months we also aim to focus on the council elections.

We hope to educate through looking back at past elections, educating around the voting system used in these elections and we will be encouraging voters to ‘vote below the line’ and we will explain why we are of the view that is an absolute imperative this year.

Additionally we have been asked by 40cm Pedestalfan to look into promoting a state wide petition so as to get the Local Government Act amended so casting votes are used sparingly by Mayors from next year onwards.

We hope to bring you more on this soon.

So there is lots to do. 2021 will be a busy, and crucially important, year.

Ideas, contributions etc from our readers are, as always, most welcome.

Just email us at [email protected]

One thought on “What’s coming up by way of CCO local stories?

  1. At the risk of suffering terminal gravel rash, I wish to commend CCO for the work done in highlighting issues of community interest, and for providing a voice for those of us who might otherwise remain silent.
    Until NOTA there was an absence of traditional media that were prepared to bring impartial news and comment to local people, and CCO filled that gap.
    In addition, we have been introduced to some sparkling personalities among commentators, whose contributions have frequently brought much-welcomed humour into my day.

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