What the confidential report into Port Macquarie’s Glasshouse said……..

The following is a photograph of two pages from the report, marked strictly confidential, that was published from the inquiry into the Glasshouse.

Page 1
Page 2
The Port Macquarie Glasshouse

18 thoughts on “What the confidential report into Port Macquarie’s Glasshouse said……..

  1. Would I be right in thinking you are suggesting some sort of ‘Grondhog Day’ replay is going on in Coffs Harbour at the moment by any chance?

  2. Congratulations coffscoastoutlook, once again you have unearthed a gem!

    It is as if the report was written about Coffs Harbour, two years into the future.

    You can see every element of the report having been repeated in Coffs Harbour since 2014 and continuing. Interestingly, the restrictive locations, lack of public parking, poor public transport, bad financial analysis and cost blow outs, are all exactly the same. Ground Hog day Coffs Harbour style.

    You would have thought our General Manager, Mayor and a few complicit Councillors could have come up with a better plan than to just mimick (to the dotted “i” and crossed “t”) their former colleagues at Port Macquarie. That worked so well in the past our tribe is now hellbent on ensuring they can make a bigger botch of it and take the accolade. Any luck the state government will foresee the writing on the wall and dismiss the GM and council before this travesty eventuates.

  3. Clause 10.10 of the Code of Council Meeting Practise states:

    “A motion or an amendment to a Motion if passed would require expenditure of funds on works and/or services other than those already provided by Council’s current adopted operational plan, must identify the source of funding for the expenditure that is the subject of the motion. If the motion does not identify a funding source, the council must defer consideration of the matter, pending a report from the General Manager on the availability of funds for implementing the Motion.”

    There is no reference in the original Motion as to the source of funds for this proposed development and no report appears to have been made available to Councillors; the Councillors appearing uninformed at the meeting on 25 July last on QUANTUM, INTEREST RATE and TERM and the ACTUAL COST of CONSTRUCTION of the this proposed facility was “UNKNOWN”. I, therefore, respectfully call into question the validity of the original Motion.

    It is the responsibility of a General Manager to ensure that the Councillors are fully informed on issues so that they are in a position to make “informed decisions”.

    Given Councillors have a statutory obligation to act in the best interests of the people of this City, how can any one of these Councillors make a decision on the Gordon Street proposal in the absence of critical data, as required under Section 10.10 of the Code of Council Practise?

    Of course, there is also the obligation to develop City Hill. I would have thought the Councillors would need to provide the people of Coffs Harbour who support and who have supported the development of City Hill for many years with their justification for not acting in accord with the agreement forged with the Federal Government, more especially given rate payer dollars were expended on stage one engineering works and architectural drawings and more especially given City Hill offers the opportunity to create a UNIQUE stand-alone destination; easily accessible from all directions; plenty of room for at-grade parking/bus parking (Please see TWEED/MARGARET OLLEY GALLERY MODEL).

    Hobbiton in Tauranga, MONA in Hobart, Tweed/Margaret Olley Gallery, none of these highly successful projects is in their respective CBDs because you cannot provide the tourist with a pleasurable experience in a cramped and congested space.

    Janne C Lindrum

  4. lf the CHCC proposed Civic Centre Project goes ahead it will make what happened at Port Macquarie’s Glasshouse look like an amateur misdemeanor. Congratulations CHCC on taking contempt for community to a whole new level.

    1. I have acted as a Spokesperson over the past 11+ years for some 40+ Landowners who’ve been struggling with efforts to have our lands rezoned. To say that CHCC holds our community in contempt is as absolute certain fact. It’s not necessarily the Councillors, but the very questionable nature and behaviour of the senior staff and management. It’s either just bloody mindedness or incompetence, or a means to safeguard continuance of their jobs (or all of the above) but the whole of Coffs Harbour City Council and its staff needs to now come under close scrutiny.

      If others reading this blog have experienced similar improper and questionable behaviour of CHCC’s management, please get in touch.

  5. There is nothing that can said, the hasn’t already been said…
    Hopefully our complaints to the Member of OLG will put a halt on this project.
    We are being railroaded folks by those very people
    *supposed * to represent us, vested interests, indeed…
    Tomorrow the Mayor will conduct a meeting about this stalemate. I’d love to be a fly on the wall for this meeting…. poor thing has had to cancel her overseas trip.
    I’m saddened this is so, HOWEVER had she listened to the groundswell from both Council. Members & community against this motion. Maybe had she postponed this design & location till Community Consultation was had, her holiday plans would not have been disrupted.
    I suspect these bigger things afloat behind the scenes, Than just this building.

  6. Congratulations Coffs Coast Outlook …this piece of Confidential Evidence is PERFECT TIMING.

    I hope you are Reading this GM Steve McGrath, Mayor Denise Knight ,Cr Aidenorff, Cr Townley & Cr Cercato.!!!!

    Regards Max

  7. There are very pertinent points in this document that directly relate to the current circumstances in Coffs Harbour. It is absolutely CRITICAL that the people of Coffs Harbour feel that they are now free to speak
    without fear or repercussions and elected representatives, Executive and, indeed, local media, are called to account.

    I accept journalists obtain their material from sources. Perhaps more care needs to be taken in terms of checking the credibility of those sources before publishing material which deceives and misleads the public into believing X is Y when Y is really X. Janne C Lindrum

  8. Astounding! This critical document mirrors a future report on our own council’s deficiencies and sheer
    arrogance. Resident’s objections, opinions and concerns are being dismissed by some council members as irrelevant and uninformed. Beware councillors. Your vainglory salute to personal aspiration may be the council’s downfall.

  9. Spot on! The “Port Macquarie approach” in Coffs Harbour started with the use of all the “Glass House tactics” against members of the Jetty Action Group and the community in the Jetty Foreshores planning process, and continues in Coffs Harbour with corrupting whatever planning process is in play today- they embraced the playlist from the maestro who learnt it in the corrupt Wollongong Council and all are following it to the letter here- the current puppet master and his willing followers should go !

  10. Thank God for Coffscoastoutlook.Fortunately we do not live in Putins Russia and we have free speech much to the councils annoyance .Great job exposing the Glasshouse report.I would like to see this project shelved and some of the money prioritised to more critical issues in Coffs constructive suggestions if I may
    1/Youth unemployment job creation schemes long term to reduce second highest youth unemployment in Aust(22%].Its a disgrace and the council could work with state /federal govt to create jobs.
    2/The by pass the council needs to push as fast as possible the govt to get this friggin by pass done .The hwy is ruining the town and turning us into a national joke no more delays
    3/Improve connectivity of town .Tourists arrive here totally confused its a mess ,the signage attrocious,paths dont connect ,bike path dont connect.It is a town planners night mare.Go and have a look at Melbournes ammenities bike paths/walking paths superb..Coffs approached is totally ad hoc ,no long term planning .Everytime I voice my concerns i get told that not council land etc etc .Stop buck passing
    4/Encourage higher spending tourism difficult but possible with better accomodation etc .This town needs to escape the 1970s time warp or will be bypassed literally by tourist .
    5/Proper entertainment centre that has seating and protected from elements and reasonable seating numbers to attract larger acts.
    These are just a few suggestion on how to spend a lot less than $76 million on valuable projects for ratepayers

  11. I agree with you John. Coffs Harbour needs to escape the 1970s time warp. Coffs Harbour also needs a POINT OF DIFFERENCE. Many destinations around Australia have magnificent beaches and waterways and nature trails.
    What single thing could make Coffs Harbour a MUST SEE destination? Certainly not a Coffs Harbour gallery inside the Coffs Harbour Council Chambers. As harsh as that might sound, that is the ‘reality’.

    Bullet point number 11 above is relevant here.

    Councillors have not received sufficient information to enable them to make a proper judgment. Full financial data in relation to Gordon Street should have formed part of the original motion (Section 10.10 Code of Practise). Providing this information is the responsibility of the General Manager but the information could not be provided because the proposed development is UN-COSTED. My view, the original motion was, in all respects, defective and needs to be withdrawn. The Rescission motion should be supported. There is, perhaps, a question mark over the competency of the Executive. There is also the question as to whether Councillor Adendorff should tender his resignation given he has failed to fulfil his statutory obligation to act in the best interests of the people by, at the very least, erring on the side of caution and declaring a “significant pecuniary interest”. Insofar as holding discussions with a potential purchaser for Rigby House, my view, that is totally inappropriate conduct.
    Janne C Lindrum

  12. An astute observation from BRUCE THOMAS

    “Artist’s impression v reality. We need a real entertainment centre NOT $76 + of glorified council offices.

    Miraculously in the council version the large fig tree and the carpark building seem to have halved in size, the tree has also moved about 15m north and the sun now sets in the south!”

  13. Hilarious , artist’s impression, it is almost an oxymoron,bit like responsible gambling.We should all genuflect to the omnipotent council with its ability to control the sun.Imagine the building might end up wrong way round with their compass.

  14. Great find Coffs Coast Outlook.

    There are a couple of other matters that I believe need serious scrutiny.

    The community needs oversight of the proposed business park at the airport. There must be some serious concerns as to its feasibility. Being Crown land it can only be leased and apparently those leases are quite short. I wonder which banks will lend someone the funds to build on a block of land they only lease for a relatively short time? Then there is the cost of connecting the basic services to the development and surely given the low lying nature of the land, there will be some serious filling required. We need to see a proper feasibility.

    There is also the issue of Coastal Work, which continues to tender for private work in direct competition to local contractors. Coastal Works was apparently established to generate income to help prevent rate rises. We need to see annual financials to confirm this outcome is being achieved.

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