What the candidates want for Cowper – Lauren Edwards – Greens Party

This is the fourth in a series of articles covering what the candidates in the federal election stand for and what specifically they want for the seat of Cowper. Today we look at the policies of the Greens candidate, Lauren Edwards (pictured below).

The following represent a suite of issues and policy areas that Lauren believes are crucial for Cowper;

Hi, I’m Lauren Edwards. For over 20 years I have lived in Port Macquarie. I have a BA majoring in Indigenous Studies, am a single mum and a musician who is lucky enough to be invited to perform at gigs across the Cowper electorate. I also own and run a small holistic business in the centre of Port Macquarie.

Lauren Edwards – Greens candidate for Cowper

Over the years I have seen how our environment has been abandoned and our vulnerable communities have been left behind.

As The Greens candidate for Cowper I will focus on: the low Newstart allowance; the housing crisis renters and first home buyers are facing; solutions that tackle Climate Change; transitioning to a low carbon economy; and, creating new jobs for regional Australia.

The Greens understand that you can’t separate social justice from the environment. If we don’t protect our environment then we cannot hope to protect our community. We have a plan that will give Australia a strong, sustainable future – for all of us.

Our vision

Politics should give you something to believe in. That’s why the Greens have bold, evidence-based plans to build a future for all of us, not just the wealthy few.

By ending the $11 billion a year tax avoidance industry and making big corporations pay their fair share, we can fund the things that benefit everyone.

Our plan

Create 180,000 new jobs in renewables in a planned transition away from coal towards 100% renewable energy · More »
Give every child a place in childcare and bring back free TAFE and Uni · More »
Build 500,000 sustainable, affordable community homes · More »
Cover dental under Medicare and fund world-class hospitals · More »
Ban the corporate donations that corrupt Australian politics · More »

Sourced from https://vote.greens.org.au/cowper

Also sourced fromhttps://greens.org.au/nsw/person/lauren-edwards

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