What is Minister Pavey’s real by-pass agenda?

Although Minister Pavey grew up on a dairy farm, went to Orara High School, and has a beautiful green valley image on her website that looks like the beautiful North Boambee it’s exactly this landscape that the current RMS preferred concept design for the Coffs Harbour Bypass will destroy.

By Rod McKelvey

It’s hard to understand why Minister Pavey (pictured) is continuing to push for this design and not listen to the overwhelming majority who oppose it. Is it because Coffs Harbour is outside Minister Pavey’s electorate of Oxley? Is it because it’s the cheapest option? Or are there other reasons that we don’t know about?

Another aspect that is concerning is the tactic of delaying any decision till after the 2019 elections. Is this a tactic to temporarily stop pushing the current design and lose votes and then just ram through the current design after the election?

Why not commit to improving the design with tunnels and longer bridge viaducts now? Delays for a project this size end up costing the project an extra $1m per week, so a 6 month delay adds around $24m to the project hence political tactics are costing a lot of money.

So many questions. It’s time for Minister Pavey to answer all of them.

First published on the Coffs Bypass Group Facebook site on Thursday November 15th 2018.

See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/853408778164579/permalink/986620494843406/?notif_id=1542278387533550&notif_t=page_post_reaction&ref=notif

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