What is happening with Lot 2 Sawtell ?

An update on where this DA is up to on this one. Previous stories from Outlook on this issue are linked at the bottom of the story.

By Dave Wood for ‘Save Lot 2 Sawtell Road’

An aerial view map showing where Lot 2 is.
  • RED CC (Regional Architects) sought and received permission to make an amendment to their DA which was provided to us for comment in late October. Their proposed changes made little difference to our position and I would expect Councils position too.
  • We provided an extensive group response to that amended DA in November. I believe some individual submissions were made also.
  • Unless the Proponent withdraws, we expect the case will proceed to the NSW LEC Hearing scheduled for seven days commencing on Monday, 17th Feb. 2020. 
  • At this stage we believe that the Hearing will be before the same Commissioner that oversaw the Conciliation in April, and will be held in Sydney. We have been told his ruling will be binding.
  • If it happens that for any reason another Commissioner is scheduled for this case, they may request another site visit on Lot 2 and another hearing from Complainants.

We will forward any other information regarding this if and as it comes to hand.

Here is the first story we did on this; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/lot-2-sawtell-road-dispute-headed-for-court/

And here is our second story; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/the-latest-on-lot-2-and-other-da-applications-in-sawtell/

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