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Was this by-pass announcement press release withdrawn before publication by the State Government? If so ‘Why’?

By The Editor

The CoffsCoast Outlook has acquired a Press Release from the State Government ‘that fell off a truck’. It is about the recent Coffs By-pass announcement and was allegedly withdrawn before publication last Tuesday 15 January.

If this is the case then the question has to be ‘Why’?  Is it the last two paragraphs perhaps?

The Press release is reproduced below. Feel free to comment below if you have some thoughts on this.

Artist image of possible by-pass
Above: The Press release that was allegedly withdrawn


  1. Hi the last two paragraphs are as per the actual release (that was released) The major change seems to be the inclusion of Melinda Pavey in the final. Perhaps she felt left out? Many questions to be answered as bored tunnels cannot take dangerous goods types 1 and 2.1. There is a study going on so is legislation about to change or are they fobbing us off with slightly wider land bridges and calling them tunnels? I also think the “committee” is a delaying tactic until after the election. Applications 18th Feb, first meeting mid March – it’s a fob off job.

  2. Hmm I also notice this release mentions three underground tunnels and that is missing from the final release which makes me think again they are fobbing us off with cut and cover.

  3. Richard Clarke

    I think you got it right the second time Cheryl. And, yes, that means it’s a smoke screen, a fob-off as you say, in my opinion.

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