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“Vote Nationals and be dammed” – Oakeshott

Independent candidate for Cowper, Rob Oakeshott has described as madness a last minute admission from the National Party that they are considering damming Mid North Coast rivers.

Pat Conaghan on NBN News discussing his dams idea with Liisa from the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group

“Desperation dams on our rivers are surely the nail in the coffin of 117 years of National Party control. The community must use the ballot box to reject such crazy policy,” said Mr Oakeshott.

“Anyone who likes to fish, has a tourism or retail business, enjoys a surf, has a boat, enjoys birdlife, lives on a river, or just generally cares for our valley-by-valley health, should be alarmed by this eleventh hour campaign announcement by the Nationals candidate that damming local rivers is now being considered.

“On local NBN News last night it was revealed former Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce made a private visit to Nambucca Heads yesterday. Hours later Pat Conaghan is spruiking dams for local east coast rivers. What sort of manipulation and deals are behind this madness?” Oakeshott said.

“What this shows is a candidate lacking understanding of our valley-by-valley landscape. Someone who doesn’t understand the impact damming rivers would have on towns along rivers, and at river-mouths. It would be an economic and environmental disaster.”

“To protect local rivers is to protect local economies, local environment, and local lifestyles. The Nationals need to be told at the ballot box that our local river water is not up for sale and that they are no longer trusted to care for our river systems,’ said Oakeshott.

“They wrecked Menindee Lakes with 1 million fish killed, they’ve messed with the water flows in inland NSW leaving many towns dry, they traded water in highly questionable deals, and now they want to dam our coastal rivers.

“If you like to fish, or your business depends on a river, it’s a pretty simple fix this weekend. Vote 1 Rob Oakeshott, and put the National Party last” said Mr Oakeshott.

The above is a Press Release from the Oakeshott for Cowper campaign. Tuesday 14 May 2019.


  1. Rikki Bekker

    Right because after the Murray Darling fiasco you’d so trust the National Party and the current Government with water.

    Listening to them on this, or putting them in charge of water, is like asking the fox to guard the hen house or a junkie to be in charge of the drug squad!

  2. Prarire Rose

    Or asking an arsonist to give fire safety lectures Rikki? 😉

  3. Kris Grace

    Eco illiterate Nats…still living in the 1950’s ….lets leave them there and move on

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