Virgin quitting Coffs Coast

Some friends have tried to book a trip to Coffs Harbour for May and discovered there were no flights here from April 10. After that date there were no flights shown for the next three months.

On inquiring with their travel agent, they were advised that the last flight to or from Coffs Harbour will be April 9th.

We have to wonder how long this has been planned for and what the new lessees of the airport, Pallisade, thinks of this apparent backward step just when we need to get our tourism back up and running.”

The above was first published at the Coffs Coast Independent News Facebook site, March 26.


CCO comment: This story has since been confirmed by the Daily Telegraph in a piece titled “Flights axed: Virgin Australia walks away from Coffs” which is available from behind the papers paywall (see screenshot below).

We have also been told an email was sent to CHCC key management personnel, including Councillors, by CHCC Director of Business Services, Andrew Beswick, late last week outlining that Virgin will be withdrawing from Coffs Harbour from around 10 April.

A major reason given in that email apparently was that the larger 737 jets being run on the service are not economical in the current aviation environment and that there are not enough replacements of the smaller Embraer Aircraft.

It would appear that the CHCC has not done a media release on this as at the date and time that this story was published on CCO.

3 thoughts on “Virgin quitting Coffs Coast

  1. I cannot believe that Palisade ‘s went ahead with their lease. They must have known the last flight for Virgin was in April? What do they and council know that the community does not?

  2. The mayor was on 9 News on Monday voicing her disappointment with Virgin’s decision. If Coffs was a more popular holiday destination, maybe Virgin’s planes would be full of tourists and the route viable. It wouldn’t occur to the mayor that Coffs’ dive in popularity with tourists might have something to do with bad management.

  3. However, Qantas and Rex continue to fly in and out. Qantas announced direct flights to Melbourne and Brisbane soon.

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