Vale Uncle Mark Flanders

An ABC Coffs Coast tribute to the life of Garby Elder Uncle Mark Flanders and his great contribution to the Coffs Harbour community.

It is with sadness that we say goodbye, he will be remembered with warmth and respect.

For the full ABC audio tribute go here;

CCO‘s Editor posted a tribute on the ABC Coffs Cosat Facebook page under the above link – here it is;

“Vale Uncle Mark. A great orator and a great keeper and sharer of Gumbayngir traditions and values. He will be missed.”

3 thoughts on “Vale Uncle Mark Flanders

  1. I am somewhat astonished that there is no comment here on the passing of this wonderful human being.
    Mark was able to represent a side of us that we barely knew… attend one of his Welcome To Country was for an instant to feel connected to this land in a way that cleansed, healed and for just that moment, made you feel whole and complete and genuinely welcome.

  2. Thank you Larry for your insightful comments on Mark, a most amazing citizen who gave freely of himself for our community. Mark had a special gift, he loved people and he loved his cultural history. He opened doors of understanding to the deeply spiritual nature of Koori culture.
    Mark demonstrated what it was to be at peace and in harmony with mother earth. I warm to the concept that we don’t own the land, we are merely custodians to protect the land to which we belong. For 200 years we were blind to the life qualities and knowledge that the Koori culture had to offer. Today, in the spirit of reconciliation, our people are finding new values.
    Over fifty years ago Nancy and I had the privilege of working beside some inspiring people on the Wongala Housing project. Grace Roberts, Sue Hoskins ad Sue Cavanagh worked tirelessly for this proud accomplishment. For a period we had a Koori foster son, an enriching experience our children will never forget.
    Mark was a product of this era, he felt the freedom to share his culture to bring understanding, forgiveness and healing. It was his gift to us. Uncle Mark Flanders, I salute you, a proud and honourable Gumbainggirr Elder.

  3. I was surprised to hear the sad news of Mark’s passing. Yes, indeed, a true environment educator and a wonderful person, he was quite young on today’s scale, although Indigenous people’s do have a shorter lifespan. It is very sad that he is gone. His legacy is outstanding for all people and a tribute to Indigenous custodians and connection to country. His loss will be sorely felt and impossible to replace. A remarkable man.

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