Usual service at CCO is going to be interrupted for a while

CCO is unfortunately going to be operating on a less consistent basis for the next five or six weeks.

By The Editor

Over the past seven weeks the Editor has been ‘toing and froing’ between tests and appointments as far away as Newcastle and the upshot is I will be undergoing ‘repair work’ in different medical establishments on and off for the next five to six weeks both locally and further afield.

Given that day to day this is largely a one person operation it is inevitable sadly that CCO output will be affected on and off.

So this is a ‘heads up’ in advance.

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3 thoughts on “Usual service at CCO is going to be interrupted for a while

  1. We wish you a speedy recovery and a future of good health. Your site is an integral part of our communication chain Grant, for which we thank you sincerely.

  2. We at the CCO companion page, Coffs Coast Independent News wish Grant a full and speedy recovery but to full health
    We have collaborated with CCO for several years and enjoy Grant’s knowledge and wisdom when writing for our Page.

    While CCO is in a short hiatus, we shall try to bring our readers and you here the local news, other opinion and news pieces as they arise.
    We may not have the depth of coverage that you read here on CCO, but please give us a try if you are not already a reader.
    We can be found on Facebook – Coffs Coast Independent News.
    We also a created a Page for Coffs Harbour City Council Election material, comment and a place for Candidates to run their manifestos and Policies
    It too is on Facebook – Coffs Harbour City Council Elections 2021 Forum.
    We look forward to seeing you join these pages and hope that CCO will resume normal operations in the very near future.

    If you have material, stories, news etc, please email them to us at [email protected]

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