Two Tails winery – the story continues

Last night a motion by Tegan Swan was put to the Coffs Harbour City Council which read “That Council bring all current Development Applications relating to Two Tails Winery at Nana Glen to full council for determination.”

Two Tails Owner/Manager Madonna Bannerman

Coffs Coast Outlook understands this did happen and that a vote in favour of 5-3 occurred. However, the motion was amended so that CHCC Planning Department staff would still have oversight of the process.

As you might be able to tell from our story yesterday this is not exactly what was hoped for. See;

So as to get Two Tails ‘side of the story’ out to a wider public we have been given permission to reproduce the following social media post by the owner of this award winning winery and restaurant, Maddie Bannerman (above);

“My husband and I purchased this business 6 years ago in the hope of bringing a little piece of the Hunter Valley to the Coffs Coast.

Not in a million years did we think it was going to cost us over $90k in DA fees, reports and consultants.

We employ 19 locals in the Valley, support a number of community groups and assist in the community as much as we can.

It has come to the point we are at a loss as to what to do next. We are asking council to approve our liquor license grassed area to have people to be able to sit on bean bags and picnic blankets to enjoy the surroundings like most other winery’s in Australia.

Council has asked for a number of noise reports to be done in which we have at a cost and are still not satisfied due to 3 or 4 complainers about noise.

These people have been relentless with complaints to council and have made a number of false accusations in which we have had to prove are not correct. We are getting to the point both physically drained.

We are now asking the community for support with our fight if anyone has any ideas we would love to hear them.”

Two Tails have been closed due to the fires most of this week unfortunately. We do think it is important though that readers understand what we mean when we say ‘award winning”;

Sunny Awards 2018


Excellence in Small Business Local Producer Award


Retails Award

Tourism & Attractions Award

Regional Business Awards 2018


Excellence in Small Business 2018

Regional Business of the Year 2018

State Business Awards 2018


Excellence in Small Business 2018

Winner – AGFG – Readers Choice 2019

For more on Two Tails go to;

12 thoughts on “Two Tails winery – the story continues

  1. I would like to sit on the grass, at the award winning Two Tails Winery, at no further expense than the >$90k the owners have already spent. I would hope this wrangling stops to not discourage further individuals & businesses investing in services in the area.

  2. I have lived in Nana Glen for over 24 yrs and have seen the winery develop over this time. In the years since Madonna & Barry took the winery under their wing, it has gone from strength to strength. This business is such a boon to our little village. I have visited wineries in all the major wine regions of Australia, NZ and Europe (don’t judge!) and I can honestly say that Two Tails Wines is up there with the best of them.
    This winery is an incredible asset to the entire Coffs Harbour region and it needs to be supported. C’mon people, do the right thing here!!

  3. I can’t believe this is still going on for Maddy and Baz. Our council needs to wake up and realize that this is such an amazing tourist attraction and place for locals and that if they don’t stop putting up road blocks at every turn we will lose!

  4. I have 4 Airbnb’s in Coffs and always recommend a trip out to Two Tails winery to guests- they have all loved it. We love it too as the food snd service are exceptional . I just can’t see why this DA is not being approved,. Nanna Glen post bushfires needs this business to survive- it doesn’t get more local than what Maddy snd Bazz are doing !

  5. I have known Madonna (Kennedy) Bannerman since high school at John Paul College (1986) and have lived in the valley for over forty years. The amazing contribution that the Bannerman’s have made over the last 6 years to this community you could not put a price on ($90,000+) in council grabbing fees is just ridiculous considering what the business does for the community. I would like to engage other long term locals to express their support for Two Tails, they deserve the opportunity to make our valley great.

  6. It’s nothing but absolute bastardry behaviour by Councils planning department. This is NOT an isolated case. Council’s planning department are renowned and regarded widely for despicable behaviour. So many good people have come to Coffs Harbour with well meaning intentions and money to invest. They hit the Planning Department wall, then after being put through the ringer – they up and leave with empty pockets.

    No one has ever said what a pleasure it is to deal with Coffs Harbour City Council.

    Damned sad but don’t give up. Just make sure none of them ever get served at your fabulous establishment.

  7. Take a wild guess who is paying for the Planning dept, yes ratepayers .What a joke micro managing issues.I could list over a dozen disputes with council planning .Its amazing this a job creation scheme for the planning dept to justify their jobs, and we pay for it as well as the business owners .Councils response We are just responding to a few objections.Nobody wants haphazard development but this is not Adani coal mining its a winery.They should be getting subsidies perhaps like the ill fated World Rally.Need I say more

  8. C’mon Coffs!,
    We have the opportunity here to support a local business, the dream of a very hard working couple. Maddie & Baz have transformed Two tails into a venue of exceptional quality that brings to our area a cellar door experience only matched in the premium growing areas such as the Hunter Valley
    , Barossa and the like. With an amazing menu and vista, the entire package is a gem that Coffs coast should be behind and proud of. Why are our elected councillors being so difficult…???
    The contribution to the immediate community in way of employment, community support and not to mention the beautiful establishment itself, Two Tails is testament to the planning, Growth and ongoing dedication to make Two tails even greater, with consideration to there surroundings, this is evident by its success. So why can’t CHCC have a bit of consideration for a LOCAL business that is doing everything right and contributing over and above?..
    I urge you to be a part of this push, if you have not been out to Two tails yet, take a drive, sit on the terrace overlooking the vineyard and enjoy a wine. Get an understanding of just what Maddie, Baz and the entire team out there have produced…….. for us!,, in our backyard

  9. It is terrible in this day and age that a very small number of people (with obvious connections in local government/council) can exact personal vendettas on good, hard working, local, community engaged business owners, with no common sense or recourse being displayed by those who ‘supposedly’ rule over the community’s interests. Just whose interest’s are being represented here? Councils are no place for buddy buddy bs. Grow up and do what is right. For the whole community.

  10. I’m appalled that such an exorbitant fee was demanded by council! The people who complain about the ‘noise’ levels should be glad that it’s bringing people to the village and offering employment! At least it’s not every night of the week!

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