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Toxic chemical spray rubbish illegally dumped near Woolgoolga

Soooooooo. Out today doing a recci for another private corporate group coming to COFFS soon where I was going to show them views, some great 4wding and the COFFS experience. We came across this today !!

Toxic chemical waste used in horticulture found dumped in the bush on Knobby’s fire trail Woolgoolga

Obviously a lazy arse farmer, berry or banana farmer who thinks they are better than anyone else dumping these chemical containers, oil drums and rubbish ( and down the road a bloody fibreglass boat hull !! ) in our backyard namely Wedding Bells Sf at the back of Woolgoolga along Knobbys Lookout road and the bottom end of Knobbys fire trail. The boat is along an unnamed fire trail that backs onto Heritage park estate off Bucca Road.

Close up number 1

You are bloody scum who ever did this. If I find you I will be personally giving it back to you – BE WARNED Ill personally make you wear this stuff !

Close up Number 2

Please share this around.

From Woolgoolgaoffroad Facebook site. Wednesday 13 February 2019

See: https://www.facebook.com/Woopioffroad/

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