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Townley and Oakeshott meet

Great meeting today with Rob Oakeshott to discuss how credible independents can represent our region without vested interests.

From Sally Townley’s campaign Facebook site – Wednesday 6 February 2019.

See: https://www.facebook.com/sallytownley4coffsharbour/

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  1. Frank Kinninmont


  2. It’s working Frank. 😉

  3. Frank Kinnimont

    Well,well, Sally Townley and Rob Oakeshott having coffee together. There is a powerful and
    experienced combination that arguably could stop the building of the Issue Ridden preferred
    Bypass and build a far Western Bypass.
    Dr Sally Townley as an Environments could look at how is it possible to come up with a starting
    figure for the EIS future reading when it applies to a very small secluded Basin where it comes
    up against 200 to 400 metre ridges, when there is no replica of it to use as a guide where a 4 lane
    highway going north then does a right hand turn east and no Northerly or North-east winds to
    disperse the Air Pollution exhaust fumes from 35,000 vehicles passing per day. The readings will
    be off the scale and unacceptable. (The RMS are aware of the West Coffs Basin.)
    The Environmental Impact Study is far too important not to have an Independent Assessment.
    The RMS have too much to lose. They are not going to give a Report that will stop the
    preferred Bypass at this late stage.
    Rob Oakeshott. With his experience of the building of PORT MACQUARIE’S WESTERN
    BYPASS. The first and best Bypass on the Pacific Highway northern area. Because of the Pacific
    Ocean being on their East, Port Macquarie was limited for expansion and virtually could only
    expand south. The decision made to have a Western Bypass of Port Macquarie had the business
    community wringing their hands and crying tears of blood because of the intended bypass, tourists
    driving straight past and robbing them of income. But look at the booming success of Port
    Macquarie economy today. Because of the Western Bypass it freed up areas for developments of
    all types, tourism has increased as instead of driving past they now call in and stay longer.
    Distance from Port Town Centre to Pacific Highway Bypass 8km.
    With a far Western Bypass of Coffs Harbour the same success could be copied and be achieved
    for the economy of Coffs Harbour, something the Coffs Harbour City Council and Chamber of
    Commerce should have been looking at.
    Distance from Coffs Town Centre to Highway Bypass 4km.
    “Connell Wagner – Preferred Option Report November 2004” Both these Reports 12 years
    “State significant Infrastructure application report May 2016” apart are the same.
    The copied report from 2004 seems to indicate that the far Western Bypass was never again
    considered when the same report is printed in 2016. 12 Years apart.
    “FAR WESTERN BYPASS.A Bypass of Coffs Harbour and Woolgoolga through the Orara Valley
    From Englands Road south of Coffs Harbour to Halfway Creek or Grafton. The investigation of the
    feasibility of this corridor concluded that this option would attract less traffic off the existing
    highway, resulting in longer travel times and higher operating costs than the coastal route.”
    Now that is a very convincing Report on why not a far Western Bypass, I don’t think.
    Unfortunately, apparently it was too expensive compared to the cheaper preferred Bypass
    sentencing the population of West Coffs to a lifetime of Noise and Air Pollution and there is
    nothing anyone can do about it, even a change of Government.

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