Ticket headed by Rodger Pryce to run for Council – Cr Tegan Swan involved.

Fresh off the airwaves and other media channels comes a formal announcement in regards to a new ticket running for the Coffs Harbour City Council in Septembers local government elections.

More details to follow;

Further news to follow. In the meantime here is Cr Swans interview with Moffee on TripleM Coffs Coast’s Breakfast show yesterday (click on the URL below to listen);


10 thoughts on “Ticket headed by Rodger Pryce to run for Council – Cr Tegan Swan involved.

  1. Sorry Tegan we do not want ‘Ticket” lists.
    We need individuals .
    Ticket lists got us in the shit we are in now.

    Editor: There is always the option of voting below the line of course Bill. This is something we at CCO intend to publicised and agitate for right up to Election Day.

  2. The local government system has weakened by a thousand leakages over the years, where populations have grown to exceed talents and capabilities of public officers, the Office of Local Government itself has been weakened, and a plague of consultants grab at the funds that an overburdened system every more reliant on outsourcing skills, knowledge, and even action on its behalf — often.

    But its internal strength still holds. It relies on some very simple basics. Get those right, an LGA can flourish with stability. An LGA doesn’t need to run to the Office of Local Government, or a Minister, or an MP when the core strengths have been achieved.

    General Manager and Executive. Governing Body. Mayor.

    Because the system itself is now weakened, when any one of the key skeletal structures is weak or underperforming the entire LGA hits trouble.

    If you want to boil it down even further, you need two things. An informed electorate. A top-notch mayor.

    When an electorate understands the roles of the key skeletal structures, and thereby elects a top-notch mayor, the other structures will be looked after. It may take a little while to get a failing or weak structural element back in place, in order, but a top-notch mayor will do it.

    Along with that, a most important element is for one of those key skeletal elements to understand its own weaknesses if it has them, its lack of knowledge or expertise — and not to over-reach. Ever.

    The Coffs Harbour LGA is at a turning point. It’s the very last one the LGA will get. Once it chooses the mayor in the next election, that’s the path it’s going to go down for its lengthy future ahead. The LGA is now past its limits of “room to move”. There is no more accommodation for error.

    I hope fervently that mayoral candidates understand their pivotal place in the region’s future. It’s not a case of have a crack, do good.

    I hope, also, that each mayoral candidate understands the need to help inform the electorate, not just with platforms and positions and ideas and push push — but with the absolute fundamental of helping to inform the electorate about the system itself.

  3. Party politics put some candidates in Council on less than 100 primary votes.
    Under preferential voting, you will always see a most unlikely candidate in Council, purely on the basis of the flow of preferential votes. As the Editor comments: VOTE BELOW THE LINE.

  4. Rodger Pryce has commented a lot of the news group and I have liked and respected his comments so I will seriously consider giving him my vote for Mayor at least he seems to have a functioning brain which is a big plus

    1. We need much more than a functioning brain in our politicians at all levels, we need to know all of their connections. Most politicians are puppets of backers who prefer to remain in the shadows. It’s politician’s connections with these shadow men that all voters should try and ascertain before gifting their votes. ‘Tickets’ worry me especially at local government level they, tend to deliver outcomes such as we have seen in the current council. I’d much rather see nine disparate individuals with love of city and an understanding of the diversity within that city before a love of self or money, having to come together and reach consensus on issues which affect all of our daily lives.

  5. Yes, I will give my votes to Roger Price and Councillor Teagen Swan. They have convinced me they will do their darnedest to right the wrongs that have gone on in the past.
    PAUL AMOS has also shown he has fought for right over wrong. He also gets my vote.
    I just pray that nothing/ no one ties their hands and prevents free speech.
    Budget restraints, commonsense, good business decisions for the future of Coffs Harbour. Use consultants wisely.

    1. All we can hope for is that if they get in they stay honest. We have seen so many politicians on their swearing-in turn into a completely different person after being elected. Fingers crossed.

  6. What a pity Denise Knight wont be running for election. She will avoid the wrath of the voters she has betrayed.

  7. Lindsay: Nominations have not closed yet. The mayor has stated that she will run again. Predicting a capitulation at this stage is ambitious. It ain’t over till the fat lady sings!

  8. I would think it’s a conflict of interest to have a property developer and owner of a real estate agency as mayor or on the council at all. Doesn’t that mean he has to declare interest and disqualify himself from any decision or vote regarding development, property zoning,DA approvals, subdivision or sale,lease or purchase of property whether public or private? Reasonably valid and undeniably important issues with Rodger Pryce that should concern everyone who has to put up with whoever we put in charge for the duration.

    Editor; To be fair we understand Rodger Pryce ceased his involvement in both real estate and property development quite a few years ago and now raises beef bloodstock cattle within the LGA. Hopefully he will see this and clarify how long ago this occurred.

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