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“Three tunnels were part of the deal – here’s the proof” Coffs Bypass Action Group

This letter (below) from the Department of Planning to the RMS highlights, confirms and justifies the communities full expectation that three tunnels WERE part of the design up until at least June 2018.

By Marnie Cotton

We have decided to make this letter part of the public record because it poses the question why were the changes made? Why did the RMS amend the concept design earlier this year from tunnels to cuttings? Why are the RMS not being transparent in regards to these changes and why is our community being kept in the dark?

Coffs Bypass Action Group members are currently chasing this information from the RMS and will pass on whatever information we can glean.

This letter was obtained after a member of our steering committee asked the Department of Planning and Environment in Sydney “When was approval given from the Dept of Planning to RMS to change the concept design applied for in 2015 and 2016 from tunnels to cuttings? In the SSI application by RMS in 2016, 3 tunnels were documented in the application”

The Dept of Planning responded by forwarding to our member, a copy of a letter sent to RMS from the DPE,
though undated, would have been sent not long after 16th June 2018. This letter includes the statement “I understand that the proposal design has been amended from having three tunnels to be replaced by two cuttings and one land bridge”.

Up until the recent RMS preferred concept design summary report dated September 2018, all previous concepts included three tunnels as part of the design. The September 2018 concept deleted two tunnels and replaced them with 65/ 70 metre cuttings which is totally untenable. There has been no reason for this change in concept or indeed when and why these changes were made and by whom?

You will also have seen Andrew Woodwards press release, which clearly indicates that the 2018 preferred concept design summary document is a fraud. Because there is no comprehensive 2018 preferred concept design report on which this summary report is based upon.

The community was led to believe, fully expect and accept that three tunnels were part of the design. To have the RMS preferred concept design exhibited September 24, 2018 without the three tunnels, in effect, is a complete backflip, was completely unexpected and has been a shock to the community.

Pubished at the Coffs Bypass Group’s facebook page – Thursday 20 December 2018.

See: https://www.facebook.com/groups/853408778164579/?multi_permalinks=1009201365918652&notif_id=1545297691636105&notif_t=group_activity

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