The saga of the proposed Woopi Whale Trail – a spray too far?

The following comes from the Northern Beaches Residents Association’s (NBRA) Facebook page and was posted late on Sunday 14 March. It pertains to what the NBRA alleges is weed control and spraying around the area that would be part of the Whale Trail that was not well signposted or planned.

“Dear NBRA Members, Colleagues, Followers, Pollack Esp, Arthur and Carrington St Residents.

The NBRA has received excellent feedback accompanied by photographic evidence from many reputable residents over the weekend in regards to the signage threat erected on Cnr Carrington & Pollack last week (see previous post).

One such resident, a valued member of the community who has decades of expertise in business and farming, gave a tour of the flora and fauna in the ‘Whale Trail area. He states multiple (at least 3 different) CHCC contractors sprayed the area recently over summer.

He also states these contractors do not communicate, nor have a clear plan, nor execution of results. He went on to state multiple sections of erratic spraying exist where particular weeds species were culled, yet thriving patches of same species existed within metres.

We saw 2 or 3 large patches of dead grass (approx. 3 x 3 metres).

The pics attached are of the area Cnr Pollack & Arthur Streets in Woopi. Perhaps it is this area and not Pollack/Carrington that had been “reported” or the subject of a filed complaint. Yet this area is not fenced off as being ‘vandalized’.

Some of the trees by the road have died over the years from what appears to be borer insects and tree trunks are full of borer insect grooves, but none of this is recent and should have no bearing on any reports. Furthermore the council should treat trees for borer insects and protect them, rather than neglect trees then point the finger at Residents or Members of the NBRA.

We will continue to report as information comes to hand. Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches What’s happening !Coffs Harbour City Council, ABC Coffs Coast, NBN Television, PRIME7 News North Coast

Below is the original post referred to above;

Coffs Harbour City Council – The NBRA request the spray management records from National Parks, Council contractors and Council maintenance.

• The NBRA requests Council to publicly release the poison report and evidence (pictures) of tree damage.

• The NBRA rejects any involvement in vandalizing the vegetation on the Carrington Street corner.

• The NBRA Whale Trail proposal strongly supports the regeneration of degraded areas along the walkway. A headland Landcare group would support this.

• The NBRA proposal advocates for a large section of now mown area to be given back to the meda-grassland.

• The NBRA proposal advocates the opportunities to improve education of headland flora and fauna.

• THE NBRA PROPOSAL IS ABOUT SAFETY. Taking the walkway through the trees is the safest option on the corner of Carrington. Photos here supporting our words.

Woolgoolga and the Northern Beaches – What’s happening !



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