The maintenance backlog around Coffs Harbour – Part 3

Last week we ran several picture posts on infrastructure backlogs that seem to be occurring around Coffs Harbour and wondered whether this was due to Coastal Works doing work outside the LGA, because of CCS inspired budgetary issues at the Coffs Harbour City Council or both.

These have inspired further photos and videos from readers. The latest of which we showcase here.

A reader wrote this accompanying the following photos and video. The latter of which is immediately below.

“The maintenance isn’t being done. Maybe due to the Civic Cultural Space.

I know overtime now in Council has been cut back and is managed very closely.

Here are some photos of the yellow water main hydrants the points of which are in any street connected to the Coffs Harbour water supply. There are also photos of scour valves and air valves too. They are also used for Fire Brigade water access along with flashing points.

A fire hydrant full to the top with ‘ant dirt’.

Alsos well as you can see the dirt from ants has filled some to the top in one case and tree roots are affecting another too.

Therefore the Fire Brigade has to travel to the next hydrant to see if it’s clear to hook up to their trucks which could cost lives if they have to go a long way from a fire.

There are also pictures of a sewer riser main with tree roots going all the way down to the non-treated sewer and blocking the flow.

I have heard it said from contacts inside council that some suspect many times work such as this has been left so some employees would get a ‘callout fee’.

The sewer riser main referred to immediately above

Note the 10 mm tolerance Is not in regulation for the rising main. Another picture is from the Northern Beaches and it shows there are still no gutters.

Of course every suburb around Coffs has this problem though.”

The stories we published last week can be seen here; fire hydrant full with ant dirtance-being-held-back/

And also here too;

One thought on “The maintenance backlog around Coffs Harbour – Part 3

  1. Lets not forget the yellow paint on the trip hazards on our foot paths. There does seem to be more staff on duty on the weekend than through the week. Wonder what hourly rate they get paid.

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