The latest on Lot 2 and other DA applications in Sawtell

A partial screenshot from the CHCC lawyers letter to interested parties announcing new amended changes to the Lot 2 application

Also Outlook understands that the Lot 20 and 21, Honeysuckle Street, Sawtell Townhouses development application (DA) is up for discussion and approval at this Thursday’s 5pm Coffs Harbour City Council (CHCC) public meeting. 

Lot 2 is currently a Koala corridor

Apparently it includes the bulldozing of a small but significant patch of remnant littoral rainforest which local residents have over the years respected and attempted to protect. 

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) have issued a biobanking equivalency certificate to the developer which gives the ‘green light’ to this bulldozing action. 

At this stage Outlook is not sure of the specific requirements of this Certificate on the Developer. The DA # is 0419/19DA if readers wish to explore the docs on the CHCC DA tracker.

Otherwise the Council meeting agenda with attachments can be found here:

Outlook also understands it seems Council’s Planning staff are taking the position that the OEH Biobanking Certificate means they are therefore not able to use the littoral rainforest as a means of stopping the DA.

They are subsequently recommending the Councillors approve the DA.

One thought on “The latest on Lot 2 and other DA applications in Sawtell

  1. Why would any one in their right mind deliberately destroy land where native trees and wildlife it not bad enough the Bush fires are
    rapidly making their mark?
    Leave Sawtell alone..

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