“The Independent’s time has come”

In their well-referenced book, “Game of Mates”, the academic economists Cameron Murray and Paul Fritjes tell us that Australia has become one of the most unequal societies in the Western World, while merely a generation ago it was one of the most equal.

By Max Brinsmead

What has happened to our lucky country?

Much can be laid at the door of our revolving political system that is funded by wealthy interests who expect their rewards under a payer uses principal and who are often backed by paid lobbyists. Then the politicians are rewarded with lucrative jobs for mates when they retire, so lucrative that we have a current rash of them all retiring early now.

It’s all quite legal whilst criminal corruption stands to escape undetected because we have few and under resourced police in the corridors of our parliaments.

A solution will not occur by backing the Party who is promising to enact a few changes to negative gearing and franking credits. They are just as adept at the game of mates as their Coalition opponents.

Do we need more Independents in parliament like Rob Oakeshott candidate for Cowper?

One thing we can do in the forthcoming elections is to abandon party politicians and vote for Independents. 

A powerful cohort of these in our Parliament has the prospect of ensuring some real political reforms that will get the ship back on track.

Dr Max Brinsmead is a Coffs Harbour based retired Obstetrician and Gynecologist and Senior Lecturer at the Rural School of Medicine at the University of New South Wales.

The above is the opinion of the author.

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