The Coffs Harbour kerb and gutter saga

Over the past few days some very interesting discussion has been held on Triple M Coffs Coast’s Moffee for Breakfast show about the cost, above rates, of kerbing and guttering.

Take a listen to the discussion on the URL links below and tell us what you think.

Why Council charges for kerb and gutters:

Arrawarra Resident Calls Moffee About The Kerb and Gutter Upgrade;

One thought on “The Coffs Harbour kerb and gutter saga

  1. Yep. Has always been contentious but is accepted pretty much across all NSW local gov areas as well as interstate. Pros and cons of course but there has to be transparency where charges are negotiable and reasonable time payment options.
    I guess if it reduces flooding from stormwater (sometimes it can cause more problems than it cures), and increases the value of your home, Council’s could argue a financial benefit to the homeowner.
    Council’s are increasingly being required and are taking more responsibility for control of stormwater in urban environments; particularly where it flows into local waterways and sensitive ecosystems. K&G is an important part of that infrastructure.
    If I were an affected homeowner, I would ask for a copy of the engineering/hydrology plans so I can ascertain, or at least obtain a professional opinion on, the ability of the design to handle extreme rainfall events. I would also ask for a written guarantee to that effect and make it clear if the system failed I would be holding Council responsible.

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