The CCS loan, waste management, the postponed elections and Brelsford Park

Today we bring you a summary of important decisions council made last Thursday 22 July at what was supposed to be the last council meeting after five years and before the Minister of Local Government, Shelly Hancock, announced a second postponement of elections last Sunday.

The CCS Loan

Here is the result, as published in the council minutes, of the loan vote for the CCS.

Motion (Cr George Cecato / Cr Sally Townley);

That Council:

1. Enter into a fixed interest rate loan agreement to borrow $50.265 million over 30 years with the Westpac Banking Corporation for the Cultural and Civic Space Project.

2. Authorise the General Manager under delegated authority to execute the loan agreement.

Cr Arkan gave notice of a Foreshadowed Motion.

Motion put

Resolved (Cr Denise Knight) That the motion be put.   For:         Crs Knight, Adendorff, Cecato and Townley Against:  Crs Amos, Arkan, Rhoades and Swan   The MOTION on being put to the meeting resulted in a tied vote. The Mayor used her casting vote and the MOTION was declared CARRIED.

Note: CCO understands Cr John Arkan is trying to arrange a rescission motion in regards to this agenda item.


Waste Management Notices of Motion (NOM’s)

NOM21/17 Summary of Actions Relating to Waste Management in the Coffs Harbour LGA.

Resolved (Cr Tegan Swan / Cr Sally Townley)

That Council:

From 2018 to present, provide a chronological list of discussions, negotiations, offers, tenders and current contracts between Coffs Harbour City Council and,

a.       Biomass

b.       Handybin

c.       EPA

d.       Tripartite agreement members – Bellingen and Nambucca Councils

e.       All other relevant parties including local government areas, government agencies and private operators.

NB: All above mentioned interactions, including those deemed to be “confidential” are to be signed off as accurate representations by all parties involved.

2.       Provide details of Council’s total legal costs, including legal fees, advice, contract management, participation in arbitration process and any costs awarded against council. Present a comparison between above costs versus cost of proceeding with the original tender and agreement. This should encompass all elements of the original agreement including curb side collection, container deposit scheme, MWOO and any other component not captured here.

3.       Make available to the public and Councillors,

a.       A copy of the “Coffs Coast Regional Resource Recovery and Waste Management Strategy 2015 – 2027” along with Coffs Harbour City Councils Waste Strategy.

b.       An analysis of the actions and outcomes from the above documents and their status of achievement.

c.       Waste educational campaigns and initiatives undertaken or proposed, including budget allocated to and spent on waste education.

4.       Present future waste options currently being investigated including plan for actively engaging the community and relevant stakeholders in opportunities for input in designing our future waste management and education. 5.       Provide a report on the performance of the current bulky goods collection process. Including number of vouchers used, number of paid collections used and total tonnages collected.

6.       Prepare a list of council resolutions relating to waste in the previous and current terms of council and the status of their implementation.   The Motion on being put to the meeting was carried unanimously. Carried

NOM21/18 Compensation from the NSW State Government re the Failed Mixed Waste Scheme

Resolved (Cr Paul Amos / Cr John Arkan)

Council enter into negotiations for compensation from the NSW State Government for assurances provided to council that encouraged Coffs Harbour Council to participate in the failed mixed organic waste scheme.

Coffs Harbour Council make representations that State Government lands at the Coffs Harbour Jetty Foreshores being relinquished could potentially be considered as part of compensation package to the community of Coffs Harbour.  

The Motion on being put to the meeting was carried unanimously. Carried

The minutes for the 22 July Council meeting can be found here;

The Postponed, Yet Again, LGA elections

The following is an interview with Coffs Harbour MP Gurmesh Singh by Noffee of TripleM coffs Coast yesterday primarily to discuss Mr Singh’s discussion with Shelly Hancock about the election postponement. The recent grant to Council for Brelsford park is also discussed.

Click on the URL to hear the interview;

And here is a Prime7 News clip on regional mayors reactions to the postponed. The first interviewee is Mayor Denise Knight, (in a screenshot from the clip below).

CHCC Mayor is interviewed about LGA election postponement number two.

View the news clip here;

The Brelsford Park Grant

Here is a Prime 7 News clip from the evening of Monday 26 July on the announcement on a grant to help redevelop Brelsford Park.

Screenshot of Prime& News Brelsford Park announcement

View the Prime7 news clip here;

4 thoughts on “The CCS loan, waste management, the postponed elections and Brelsford Park

  1. The resolution for a report on our waste management won’t be a priority. After all, the urgency of our CCS finances must retain centre stage! Over a year ago Clr. Townley called up a similar financial report. Whatever happened to that one Director Beswick? Right! We can expect the same.

  2. We don’t need reports or committees to tell us where , since 2008, CHCC has failed the Ratepayers . No “bulk goods” collections ; third highest Rates in NSW and consistently worst road surfaces in comparable LGA’s.
    THEY’RE LUCKY THIS ISN’T 18th Century France !
    Integrity and Transparency !
    Per chance to Dream !

  3. The majority of council spending seems at odds with most ratepayers general wellbeing.
    The Entertainment Centre , which will benefit a minority, could possibly find a home at Pacific Bay
    with Russel Crowe’s initiative.

    A combined Airport around Halfway Creek would allow for expansion of the whole region.
    Existing business’s could be re located. The existing Airport site could be anything worthy of its
    location. Reserve east of the rail lines for parks, recreation , sports fields, etc.

    Now, here is my own battle;
    My 500m access road is owned by the Lands Dept. Council ” Doesn’t have the resources to maintain it ”
    The Lands Dept . tried fixing it 6 years ago but used incorrect theory.
    AND …… I need their written authority before I make any repairs.
    If I cant access my house I will and do repair it.
    Councils, and authorities in general , migrate towards a self serving agenda almost predictably.

  4. With respect Peter; would you move the airport to within twelve (12) kilometres of Grafton airport, causing conflict of aircraft movements? Clear the forest on the western slope of the coastal range?
    It’s beyond our LGA boundary. Would Clarence Valley LGA welcome your suggestion?

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