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The by-pass – “we deserve better!”

From the Facebook site – Coffs bypass group.

It’s time that Coffs Harbour reviewed political alliances and used our voices and votes to elect a government that will listen and invest in us so that we are the best damn town on the north coast – we deserve better!

We have:
– Federal and state LNP governments
– Federal Nationals Minister for Infrastructure and Transport in Michael McCormack
– State Nationals Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight in Melinda Pavey who is also a Coffs local
Logically you would therefore think that being an historically safe Nationals seat that Coffs would get the best highway option. However on the contrary, we are being presented with one of the worst possible options that we could get. A high speed ring road circling t
he west of our town, vandalising our beautiful and unique view of the great dividing range, disrupting 1000s of properties and residents in terms of noise, pollution and visual intrusion and inhibiting our town’s ability to develop and grow into the future. It will redefine our town, it will diminish our value, desirability and quality of life, it’s utter madness and who is doing this to us – people who are supposed to be our friends!!
Coffs Harbour, it’s time to review political alliances and acknowledge that our so called Nats friends are taking us for mugs. That they are riding rough shod over us, that they feel smug in their assumption of our mindless and blind loyalty and that we will meekly and gratefully take whatever bones they throw our way.
Enough! Wake up Coffs Harbour, elections are coming up, make your votes count and elect a government that will do our bidding, that will fight for the interests of our community and will actively lobby to get a western Coffs bypass, not a travesty of a ring road.


Tunnels. Not Trenches!

Be at the community meeting at the PCYC in Bray Street at 6.45 for 7.00 P.M. this Thursday 11 October.

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