The Advocates for Advancement monologues – Part 2

Yesterday we covered who the Advocates for Advancement (AfA) are, how we obtained a large number of screen dumps from their private Facebook site and explained why we believed it was in the public interest to publish these. We also gave some recent screen grabs to give an overview of what drives them now.

We also highlighted that roughly ten CHCC staff in senior positions seemed to be vigorous, and we would argue, partisan, commentators on the AfA site, something we believe sits very uneasily with what is required of them in regards to council policy.

By The Editor

AfA started off as being primarily about supporting, and strategising to support, the CCS/Yarrila Place building in Gordon Street. Founders of the AfA Facebook site argued they needed a safe place to do so where they couldn’t be trolled.

However, over the past 15 months it has clearly become obsessive about opponents of the CCS and how to target them on local Facebook sites and elsewhere. The screen dumps we have seen show in some instances that AfA members admit to having changed names on Facebook (aka – ‘sock puppets) and then proceeded to carry out a fair bit of ‘trolling’ themselves.

Outside of AfA CCO is aware of threats in person by AfA members by phone and via other communications carriage systems against, and directly to, those deemed to be opponents.

We are aware of complaints to police in this regard.

The AfA has morphed from being pro-CCS/Yarrila to obsessively and compulsively focus on anti-CCS/Yarrila opponents.

Particularly an obsessive target is the Together We’ll Fix It campaign team for council and it’s Mayoral candidate Rodger Pryce.

Today we present examples of this.

July 2021

A member of AfA went to the premises of a small business and was clearly not impressed they were displaying pamphlets from the Together We’ll Fix It campaign team.

The first, and a consistent, caustic comments contributor to this thread is a senior CHCC Public Relations/Media Manager

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10 November 2021

As we get nearer to election time what can only be considered conspiracy behaviour laden with unsubstantiated innuendo breaks out in a post by one AfA site Adminstrator and apparent ‘Group Expert’.

Something that is then unquestioningly accepted by other active AfA members as fact.

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Seriously, you could not make this stuff up! OK, well one could.
The author of this, by the way, is married to a Senior CHCC Manager who also comments on earlier AfA threads we have seen.
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12 November – elected representatives? Who cares? The bureaucracy is paramount!

Now comes a piece of vitriolic apparent ‘analysis’ by the same Administrator/Group Expert.

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CHCC staff will look for another job? Might that possibly include, for example, Senior Council Executive Jennifer Torrence whose husband just happens to be David Hargreaves?
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Peter Lewis is a former Kyogle Shire Council Deputy Mayor who we understand now lives in Coffs Harbour
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There’s much, much more.

But we think this is enough to highlight the issues we have been raising.

In and out the AfA Facebook threads we have seen CHCC staff in reasonably senior positions drop in and make very partisan, and in our opinion, highly unprofessional, comments.

That alone we believe is reason for both concern and publication.


6 thoughts on “The Advocates for Advancement monologues – Part 2

  1. No wonder this lot have been so secretive! There’s not a lot of intellect on display here.

    Just a load of baseless innuendo and name-calling, bereft of fact or coherent argument, delivered by a pack of conceited individuals who think they know what’s best for the rest of the community.

    Move on! Nothing to see here!

    If anything, these leaked screen dumps (dump being the operative word) highlights why voters should get behind Rodger and the Fix It Team to clean up the parlous state of affairs at Coffs Harbour City Council.

  2. So the GM,s contract won’t be renewed (maybe). Staff will walk rather than work for the new “mayor wannabee” (or so someone has heard). So What!
    It’s not the first time there has been a staff exodus in a workplace under new management and won’t be the last. At least those staff have a choice unlike the dozens of experienced junior and senior staff that have been told to leave under the GM’s putsch over the last 10 years in an effort to craft the “chosen ones” in his own image. David the bureaucracy is already unmotivated and has been for years judging by the amount of leaked info coming out of Council. Your self interest slip is showing.
    As for Brigit……Shame just Shame. Invoking pedophilia and the patriarchy in attempt to cast aspersions on someone. How you are running for Council is beyond me.

  3. Here is further documentary evidence of the mindset of individuals for whom the opportunity to fight, about anything, has always been more important than the issues.
    This hard core of AfA members would seem to have been so focussed upon attack, that their defences have slipped.
    Although amateur psychologist, Mr Hargreaves, unwisely praises himself for avoiding possible suits for defamation, whilst admonishing Brigit Mackenzie to remember “her position” as a council candidate and Team Townley member, and to thus moderate her expression, he needs to remember that there is material, as yet unpublished by CCO, that may come back to bite him, and several other AfA members, in the arse.
    It should be understood that the fact that CCO has not published material which is allegedly defamatory to a particular Facebook page administrator, and to me, allows the later presentation of that material, untainted by public exposure and therefore potentially carrying greater weight, to be effectively presented in a court of law. (I’m only speaking on my own behalf, and not on behalf of the aforementioned Facebook admin.)
    Given the number of people who, over the years have been threatened, abused and maligned by certain present members of the Afa, there may well be a queue forming to join a class action. (Purely speculation and scare tactics by me, of course. Then again, it might not be bad idea. There could even be a lawyer who is sufficiently pissed off with the AfA behaviour, that s/he would be happy to take the case.)

    1. I thought the same thing regarding David’s self-praise for defamation avoidance. The repeated use of the word “may” will not necessarily absolve him from these comments being found to be defamatory. I’m no defamation expert, however I do know that when it comes to defamation context is everything. I’m not so sure he’s successfully avoided having to answer to claims of defamation should the subjects of his commentary choose to test it in a Court of Law.

      Of course, he may have felt relatively safe making those comments, believing that they’d never reach the eyes of the people concerned. The motivation to conduct these discussions in private has never been more apparent.

  4. I suspect Mr Hargreaves has sadly found himself experiencing some kind self inflicted misery and unhappiness. Coming from greater Melbourne to a small town environment void of 21st century progress, it must’ve become difficult for the man to put his foot in the door and assert any level of influence. Swimming against the stream or fish out of water so to speak.

    Mr H seems perhaps to be taking things a little too personal. For the past few months he’s been venting frustrations on those perhaps he’s jealous of. Rather than vilifying Rodger Pryce and the Fix It team, a much better investment could have been doing the opposite. BUT NO! He chose the path of criticism and provocation instead. It might well now prove not to be in his or his wife’s best interests.

    We can be confident, I’m sure, of this blow-in not making the slightest impact or impression on the local voters. Perhaps he and his crony friends might consider returning to where they came and taking with them friend Mr McGrath?

  5. For someone who considers myself a Progresive Voter I am appalled at this lot.

    What a sneering, sarcastic, self appointed, supercilious stain on the underpants of humanity the loud repetitive ones are (the silent 140 excepted). They are all self-aggrandized superiority. Something which is based on very little from what I can see. Vacuous, bombastic idiocy pours out from their poison keyboards.

    They are too close to Council to realise they have been duped by an inferior, yet costly, ‘arts building’ destined to become an expanding Council building. Blinded by Council spin. Nevertheless they pat each other on their pathetic backs.

    I suspect they have probably blown about 500 votes in the past few days.

    They think that they are a ‘culutural elite’. There’s more culture in my morning yoghurt.

    And the actions of Senior Council Managers on the AfA site rams home just how rancid the organisational culture at that place is these days IMO.

    Let’s hope the broom sweeps through it after Saturday.

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