The Advocates for Advancement monologues – Part 1

Recently a whistleblower from inside a restricted local Facebook group called Advocates for Advancement (AfA) leaked, in the first instance, to CCO approximately 120 pages of screenshot dumps from this Facebook site. The dumps were as recent as last Sunday27 November and went back to the middle of this year.

Another AfA whistleblower had also previously supplied more screenshot dumps that go back to prior to Xmas 2020.

By the Editor

CCO Comment:

As of last Sunday AfA claimed 179 members but an analysis of the screenshots tells one no more than 35 ever engaged much.

The rest remain largely silent. Some in the documents we have read have said “delete me from this group.”

Of the 35 roughly ten are current more ‘senior-ish’ council employees, or are related to senior council employees, in our estimate. Some of whom were contributing and commenting up until last Sunday.

The AfA site is virulently anti the Together We’ll Fix It Team and also other CCS/Yarilla Place opponents

Oh, and one last thing. Apparently if you are against Yarrila Place as proposed with Council Offices you *must* be a National Party lackey aligned to Andrew Fraser or Gurmesh.

Which is hilarious given who we know opposes it and why. We accept that proponents may be bi-partisan – look at the alignment between Cr’s Cecato (National Party) and Adendorf with the Coffs Harbour Greens, Labour For Coffs Harbour and Cr Townley on the issue. All of whom, by the way, recent AfA comments show they have thrown support behind.

Cr Townley is also an occasional, not particularly provocative, commentator on some of the AfA screen dumps we have seen.

Yet AfA have absolutely no concept of how bipartisan and deeply felt the opposition to the current CCS/Yarrila project and actions by the current council is.

They seemed wedded to a pre-fixed view of their opponents that had little or no connection with the reality of the breadth and depth of community opposition that that we are aware of.

Maybe that’s what being in a ‘hermetically sealed bubble’ can do to one?

Next to no discussion was given to the damage done to democracy by endless casting votes from the AfA posts I saw. Apparently the ends justified the means.

Strangely, given the political leanings of those on AfA, no criticism of the airport fire sale was proffered on the documents we were given .

This is in spite of many of the AfA commentators, judging by their comments, being aligned politically to parties that oppose privatisation!

Nor was their any argument with the fact that in this instance the Mayor’s casting vote was an open and shut breach of the democratic provisions pertaining to Denison’s Rule when the status quo should have been maintained once a 4-4 vote was reached. See;

Again the impression is that the AfA proponents were happy with the ends justifying the means.

You may ask; ‘Why does this matter?’

Many of the founders/administrators of AfA are well known commentators on this site and in wider local social media where they were often controversially strident from the start in both their methods and views. They were given the chance to have their say.

AfA as a site was in many ways the opposite. Secretive and at times problematically worrying in some of the things they considered doing ‘behind closed doors,’ no alternative arguments from others was allowed, let alone encouraged.

Now that is perfectly legal. No argument there.

But when they are happy to use more open networks, quite often actually trolled other sites under ‘sock puppet names themselves, as the screenshots we have show, but then also deny that privilege to others, and when those employed by the ratepayer are somewhat deeply involved too, it then becomes a matter of public interest in our view.

CCO has often in the past offered some of the better known AfA members the opportunity to publish a full article outlining their views and arguments, with little editing unless for grammar or legal issues. Invariably they always declined.

However, we can now do just that. Today and tomorrow we are going to publish some of their monologues for your consideration.


Who AfA is by AfA Administrator and ‘Group Expert’ David Hargreaves – 25 July 2021*

Other recent posts of interest

A recent post on Jack Thompson being the voice of TWFI radio adverts
An appeal last Sunday by one AfA site administrator ‘to get more AfA members commentators active on local social media. Four hours later CCO received the second, and more up to date of screenshots from an AfA whistleblower
One of the last posts by Karen Lagalla – an AfA founder and administrator


We understand that the AfA Facebook site disappeared from view yesterday soon after the first screenshots leaked were published.

*We understand David Hargreaves is related to a Senior Manager at the CHCC.

21 thoughts on “The Advocates for Advancement monologues – Part 1

  1. Well that was all very interesting, like a little war going on against many many ratepayers,,related to a senior manager at CHCC ??

      1. So you’re comfortable with the comment made by David Hargreaves that Jack Thompson has become “increasingly incoherent”? Is that an insinuation that Jack is somehow unfit to voice an opinion?

        I note also that you refer to dissenting AfA members as “scum”. It seems that you’ll never learn.

      2. I’ll think you’ll find if you read Jenny’s comment hard, but slowly, again Karen that she is referring to David Hargreaves. Not you.

    1. It still beats hands down the recent failed smear campaign mounted towards a certain mayoral candidate, even though all of the leaked monologues haven’t been published yet.

      Editor: More to come in Part 2

      1. I know what you mean.

        These Sherlock Holmes wannabes read as far in the ICAC report wherein it said Mr Pryce and Mr Hodson needed to be considered under S 74 of the then as it was 1993 version of the ICAC Act.

        At that point, having got what they though was a ‘gotcha’ they stopped reading and in my opinion then started smearing!

        They didn’t bother looking at the very next paragraph where Assistant ICAC Commissioner McClellan (now Justice McClellan) said;

        ““I am of the view that consideration should not be given to prosecution of either Pryce or Hodson with respect to these matters.” (Pg 65 of the Report)

        For the benefit of ‘Amateur Hour’ Mark, who clearly doesn’t understand legal writing, that means Justice McClellan had considered S74 of the Act in regards to the two and had found…………. drum roll……….. they had no case to answer!

        “High water map mover’ Mark and David ‘I cant read properly’ Hargreaves. You couldn’t get a better ‘pair’ in a fruit shop!

        I guess you must be squeaky clean Mark? No skeletons in closets then?

        1. No and you should stop. We are all sympathetic, as you know the group is private. We do not like your take down approach so keep to ourselves. You would never be an acceptable member. As mum used to say ” if you read someone else’s diary, you get what you deserve”.

          1. I’m going to slightly bastardize Grouco Marx here; “I refuse to join any club that would have you as a member.”

            So, don’t worry about my acceptability, it’s not an issue

            As per your first ‘No’ though does that mean you accept Mark isn’t squeaky clean and shouldn’t be throwing rocks in glass houses?

        2. You could add Mark ‘Lives in Thora but wants to tell Coffs residents what is best for them’ Graham to that list too.

        3. No we read the whole report. It got interesting around page 60. I am happy to provide a copy to anyone that asks.

          Editor: The whole report has been published on numerous local FB sites in pdf format. I have one too if anyone wants one – just email me.

          1. So which part of;
            ““I am of the view that consideration should not be given to prosecution of either Pryce or Hodson with respect to these matters.” (Pg 65 of the Report)
            did you Rumpole’s of the Bailey not understand then?

  2. My gutsy AfA whistleblower reports that Karen Lagalla has taken the group underground, using the Facebook sites of other members. This has subsequently been borne out by Bruce Thomas. We can expect a backlash from the most radical elements in this group, who won’t take their “outing” lying down.

    Editor: I notice Bruce described that as being (in caps) “PATHETIC”

  3. Why are we so scary. The group was started as an antidote to people like you lot and it has worked beautifully. It is members only because we want like minded people to discuss the issues that are important to us.

    The initial start up was to support Yarrila place and that was successful. Also to discuss what we saw as the terrible treatment of the then mayor. As we were blocked, bullied one very page where we could express that? two years ago I sat in my living room and said enough is enough how do I start a page. My two loyal admins were back stops and were on board and as the say the rest is history.

    We are a group of locals who wish to see Coffs advance, nothing more nothing less.

    1. Just a group of people, who want to think that they are important, we have a GM who is useless, has no idea about construction, money, garbage.
      I am trying to understand your cause, but when you have a member, David, to put Jack down, for whatever reason, you seriously have to look at yourself.
      WTF, Sally.

  4. I’ve just spent some time perusing 15 pages of documents provided to me by an AfA whistleblower.

    The content of these documents supports the view that Karen Lagalla’s AfA, has extended its goals a long way past support for “The Parsnip”.

    Much of the recent content focuses upon the destruction of Rodger Pryce’s Mayoral campaign. I expect to be publishing relevant parts of this material on CCIN tomorrow, along with my expression of sympathy, and some advice, for those genuine, positive and productive members of AfA who have been sucked into the steaming mire that this organisation, under its present leadership, has become. .

    1. Same leadership we have stayed the course, in fact you have provide more air for our sails. Publish. I am glad you take us so seriously. ” A laugh a day keeps the Doctor away”

      1. Sails will be deflated soon, wind is stopping, leadership will be no longer, as I said before, you feel important, wow, wish I could lead a Facebook page!

        Also another thing about your group; Rodger Pryce, why have you gone against him? Do you not give credit to a person where credit is due? It’s called respect.

        Have you lived in Coffs for a while, did you visit the civic centre, the town library, do you know anything about Coffs 50 years ago?

  5. In an AfA post, which she clearly expected to be unseen by any other than her sycophants, Lagalla, above a council supplied photo of grass (that’s the roadside variety) states:

    “To all the hackers and members of our secret society . . .”

    Now, that’s an interesting salutation. Since she’s obviously addressing only the membership of her exclusive group, we can reasonably conclude that the AfA contains members who have computer hacking skills.

    Given that hacking skills were required by people who illegally broke into the CCIN Facebook page, impersonated CCIN administrator, Rob Trezise, and also hacked the Citizens” voice page, effectively closing it down, and that, in each instance, people associated with CCIN and Citizens’ Voice have expressed views which are contrary to AfA’s ravings, is it possible that we have a number of dots which are crying out to be joined?

    Pure speculation on my part, of course.

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