“State Government needs to review Covid visitor policy” – Coffs Coast ALP

Labor on the Coffs Coast today called on the NSW Government to urgently review who can come to the region from areas currently in lockdown.

This week, it’s been reported that a person who visited the Byron Shire from Sydney did so to inspect real estate. There have been other cases where people have been able to visit regional areas from locked-down local government areas for sporting events and building construction.

To date, Coffs Harbour City Council and Bellingen Shires have been COVID-19 free. There was concern in Coffs this week about a person from Sydney this week who later tested negative.

Quotes attributable to Tony Judge

The ALP candidate for Coffs Harbour Mayor , Tony Judge (pictured below) said “We accept and support the fact that some people need to come from Sydney and other impacted areas for essential work or other reasons.

That list needs review as the severity of the public health emergency grows.

There is widespread concern in the Coffs community that people may be using loopholes like the visitor to Byron Bay to travel to our region in order to escape the Sydney lockdown.

We want to keep the Coffs Coast COVID-19 free.

Anyone who comes here from Sydney or another area should only do so they are providing an essential service or if it really is a case of life or death.”

Tony Judge

The ALP candidate for Mayor of Bellingen, Andrew woodward (below) concurred, saying that “the list needs to be reviewed today and changes made by week’s end.

The public on the Coffs Coast is doing its bit to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The government risks losing public confidence with stories of people going to regional NSW from affected areas for flimsy reasons.

In this day and age with the technology and expertise we have in regional NSW, it’s hard to think why many people would need to come from Sydney and impacted areas for work.”


The above is a Coffs Coast ALP Media release – Thursday 12 August 2021.

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  1. We see the “what” to review in this post, but the “how” remains a mystery? If it has shortfalls your suggestions may help.

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