State government attempts to limit Council’s expenditure on new administration buildings for next two years

Draft legislation that went before state parliament last night includes, among other things, changes to ban certain expenditure by councils for the next two years.

The amendment (COVID-19 Legislation Amendment (Emergency Measures) Bill (No 2) 2020) bans all expenditure on council administrative buildings above $1 million for the next two years unless it’s an emergency or maintenance.

The Administration building component of the new CCC in Gordon Street would fall foul of the new legislation if it is passed in the form presented to the State Parliament yesterday.

It is one of many amendments to many different pieces of NSW State legislation relating to Covid19.

The Lower House passed the bill yesterday but the Upper House was still considering it today with One Nation, the Greens and the ALP signalling opposition to same parts of the overall ‘omnibus bill’.

Do you think this will stop the progress of the new civic centre till after the next council election? Feel free to comment below.

See the draft bill here;

7 thoughts on “State government attempts to limit Council’s expenditure on new administration buildings for next two years

  1. Yes it should be passed. Our economy cannot support such lush spendings like the new Civic Centre/Council Chambers. I’m not against it I just want them to err on the side of commonsense for a short period of time.

  2. WHY is this ridiculous building being pushed ahead with total disregard to the Coffs Harbour rate payers??
    I said this two years ago, Andrew Frazer said the same thing last year.
    Give Rigby House a face lift, extend the library into the art gallery, add two more floors to the addmin building, then move out to city hill, with a new art gallery, museum, and a civic/entertainment centre, this could be achieved for a lot less than 100 million dollars.

  3. If that part of the legislation goes through the upper house in the coming days; not only will it be a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, it’ll be Game, Set, Match.
    Switching codes, one could even say it’s a CHCC “own goal”. Forget the offside rule when 4 councillors have been left staring in the wrong direction.
    Bravo people of Coff Harbour and may we look forward to the day when we have new City Mayor and a new fit for purpose GM.

    Editors note
    : The legislation did pass Parliament – we are not sure if the Clause about Council Administration Buildings passed unchanged or was amended and are trying to find that out.

  4. Any researched, detailed, considered, judicious and downright sensible arguments against hurrying to build the CCC are easily dismissed by the simplistic, third rate mind.

    After all: “Build it and they will come!”


  5. During this time of covid 19 wasteful expenditure such as the new council chambers should be stopped. With council giving relief to some business to not pay their rent in council owned spaces, obviously less income to support the costs of a building as well as individuals not able to pay rates.

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