Split Council votes for CCS on Mayor’s casting vote

Coffs Harbour City Council voted 4-4 last night on a motion to move forward with the construction of the controversial Cultural and Civic Centre in Gordon Street.

By The Editor

Because the vote was tied Mayor Denise Knight once again used her casting vote to break the impasse. She voted to move forward with the construction contract.

Details of the motion that was debated last night were covered in this story by CCO late last week; https://coffscoastoutlook.com.au/councilors-to-vote-on-ccs-construction-contract/

Cr Townley’s vote was crucial

The vote went as follows;

For building the CCS;

Cr Denise Knight

Cr Michael Adendorf

Cr George Ceccato

Cr Sally Townley

Against building the CCS

Cr Paul Amos

Cr John Arkan

Cr Keith Rhoades

Cr Tegan Swan

CCO will update this story in forthcoming days due to a full diary on Friday 26 February.

3 thoughts on “Split Council votes for CCS on Mayor’s casting vote

  1. Rome Down Under , the huge Collesium Or monolith once built by our Councillors.
    Many people visited and left wondering how & why as the dust settles in the street that was full of shops .
    As the people living on the streets are rumblings through the garbage bins for food and looking for shelter..
    The rates become expensive and people are pushed out of the region that was once a city of trades and services & work .
    No empathy or consideration for the ones left to come up with millions to end up paying for this eye sore.

  2. The problem I see coming is if this stupid overprized Palace gets locked in to a contract as the flick out 4 are trying to do then I cannot see anybody of good steed for our community attempting to stand for the next council, for they would not want to be a part of it .
    This I am sorry to say would open up great opportunities for the likes of some candidates we could well do without .

  3. I would like to know how Sally Townley can cast her vote in favour of this monstrosity when she does not even live in our city.

    Go back to Bellingen and put them in long term debt.

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