2 thoughts on “Sapphire landholders and blueberry farmers at loggerheads over bush clearance

  1. Wow our amazing archaic agricultural laws come back to haunt us .The National Party greed is good and farmers only doing their best .First they will clean up on the logging ,allowable under agricultural pursuits .Then the unsustainable blueberries at less than $3.00 per punnet will be planted as a token gesture.When the price is so low ,the sob story on NBN will come out supported by The Nats of course.
    The site requires rezoning for residential development and CHCC will approve development under pressure from the Nats, as there is no native habitat because it was logged for blueberries under the agricultural act for unprofitable blue berries and because no back packers are available to pick them for under $10 per hour.
    Its a win win, rubber stamp residential zoning for retirement village. Its textbook regional Oz tell me I’m wrong.
    Bring on Necropolis.

    1. Spot on JC. No wonder Gurmesh was lost for words. Who is the boss of the LLS in NSW at present anyway? Hmm … Giovanni Barilaro aka. Hon. John. Not about to change anytime soon.
      CHCC had an opportunity to bring Rural zoned lands under the DA requirement which may have protected such habitat in 2018 -19, but they voted that power away under the heading of ‘horse already bolted!’

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