2 thoughts on “Sally Townley speaks to Moffee about running for Mayor

  1. What a package of hot air and no substance! Did anyone get reassurance from this bland offering? Not me! With all the fire and brimstone that surrounds this candidate, it would seem appropriate that she would take every opportunity to reassure the voters.

  2. I would ask voters to consider that:

    Cr Townley, despite having to power to do so, refused to bring to an end, the disgraceful behaviours of Denise Knight and her cohort, as they ignored the wishes of at least 15 000 community members.
    Cr Townley, despite in my view having previously earned respect from many voters, chose to throw that respect away, by failing to support us in our fight against the construction of Knight’s Memorial in Gordon St.
    Cr Townley does not live in the Coffs Harbour LGA. She prefers to live in Bellingen.
    Cr Townley has been subjected to allegations of, in the opinion of some, perpetrating a “scam” upon the people of Coffs Harbour, by purchasing a minute piece of useless land, in order to qualify as a councillor.
    Cr Townley failed in her duty to initially declare this interest at the first opportunity, as she is required to do.
    Cr Townley, in my opinion, falsely accused a rival candidate of paying for the advertising/editorial on a public Facebook forum.
    Cr Townley, in doing so, I believe she falsely accused administrators of that Facebook forum of accepting money whilst proclaiming free access to all people.
    Cr Townley has included, I believe, in her team at least one member of a group of anonymous activists, of unknown number, whose stated agenda is to bring about unspecified changes in the Coffs community. Allegations of inappropriate past public conduct have been made against that person, who has refused to take advantage of numerous opportunities to refute the claims.

    Although a person’s past behaviours are often indicative of their future conduct, it is, in my opinion, unwise to focus solely upon Cr Townley’s previously positive record as a councillor, when considering her for re-election.
    The series of behaviours demonstrated by Cr Townley since she made her decision, long ago, to ignore the Coffs community and support Denise Knight’s unethical and undemocratic actions, must, in my opinion, raise serious questions about her *current* political judgement and, therefore, her suitability for election.

    It has occurred to me that, in order to be seen to be telling the whole truth in relation to Cr Townley’s behaviours, I must also record here too that she did acknowledge her failure to report the land purchase, stating that it was an oversight, and that she did also apologise to her rival, and to the administrator of the Facebook page, for the slurs which she made upon their character.

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