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Sale of Council assets to fund Gordon Street announced.

Another step for the new Cultural and Civic Space project in Coffs Harbour with the sale process underway of four current Council properties.

By TripleM – Coffs Coast

The plan is to sell four buildings owned by council to help fund the new Cultural and Civic Space.

Interested parties have been asked to put forward Expressions of Interest (EOI) for the Administration Building in Castle Street, along with Rigby House, Coffs Harbour Regional Museum and property in Rose Avenue.

According to Coffs Harbour City Council the buildings can be sold separately or as a single package, they say “For Sale signs will be installed and an advertising campaign will begin shortly”.

Commercial Real Estate agents Burgess Rawson are handling the marketing campaign and Expressions of Interest for Council.  They were appointed after an open tender process to select a real estate agency.

Two screen shots of the sale by Burgess Rawson

In a statement on Friday morning, Council say “plan to rent the Administration Building, Rigby House and Coffs Harbour Regional Museum for at least three years while the new Cultural and Civic Space is being built”.

The sale is expected to raise approximately $20m, which is to be put towards the $76.52m cost of the new Cultural and Civic Space, which is to be constructed in Gordon Street.

The funds to pay for the new building are coming from the sale of the four buildings, plus $10.5m from internal savings, as well as potential grant funding for the Museum, Gallery or Library portions of the new building.

The balance will come from loans.

Budget planning to date shows that no special rate variations are needed to fund the building based on current cost estimates and Council decisions. Coffs Harbour Mayor Denise Knight has also stated on various occasions on Triple M that “there will not be a rate rise”.

The closing date for Expressions of Interest is 9 April 2020.


First published at TripleM Coffs Coast. Go to the following link to see it and also here a report on this too. See;


  1. Gai Anderson

    Reckless, and NOT acting in good faith – which doing so is the protection against personal liability on behalf of councillors, (and – I think – of executive of council staff) – without an approved DA, without the authorised, motion carried last August, review of financial situation, especially as to borrowing capacity and repayment capacity, and without other things like the outcomes of three studies done and consulted with community recently. All of which relate to, and are to “inform”, the decisions to be made re cultural (& community) facilities.

    Has anybody seen the call for tenders for the real estate agency to handle the sale be advertised? Or is it like where – supposedly, I haven’t had time to check, or even ask others – there were three concept plans presented to stakeholder workshop groups, including indication of preference being asked, prepared by three architect consultants and then BVK got the job to come up with schematic plans that are now with them as the Head Design Consultants’ architect???

    Perhaps either without the calling for tenders being advertised, or even dispensed with?

    If so …; as to no advertised call for real estate tenders…. then maybe this can be halted? How dare they, just one of many reasons, be so reckless as to get on with selling without an approved DA for proposed replacement council, & Council, accommodation?

    There are even whispers out there that there’s a family link somewhere …..maybe to a council management staff member ….. as to BVK being awarded the contract I understand. But transparent it is not.

    Contracts plural now of course.

    After all …assuming a call for tenders was made …. Wouldn’t it make sense to award to one of the three who did the earlier, work shopped, concept plans!?!?

    EOIs by April is too soon. And that is months before a DA outcome is expected to be known.

    Also it is ahead of us getting a new Council too.

    It becomes even more important in my opinion that Cr Adendorff is reprimanded and either given a Performance Improvement Order by the Minister to declare appropriately, or, better still, be suspended.

  2. Culture lover

    Fantastic step. This has been delayed and fussed over too long. Council has the money. I am grateful we have a council that thinks this town is worth something with so much integrity.

  3. Brigit Mackenzie

    This is wonderful news. After so long we are finally getting our Cultural Space! Business Plan is in order. Well done CHCC for pressing ahead with this

  4. Anne Streat

    Culture Lover, I am fascinated by your statement: “Council has the money”.

    Would you please enlighten the community as to where this money is presently located? How will it be derived? What “deals” have been involvement in its procurement?

    I believe that your ‘inside knowledg’e on this matter will be welcome reading.

    • Don’t hold your breath for reply Anne. We think ‘Culture lover’ aka ‘KL’ and ‘Brigit’ are actually robot trolls, as they seem to lack human intelligence and never substantiate their claims when challenged.

      • Prarire Rose

        And judging by their replies to posters on CCO’s Facebook page CLB it could be argued that these ‘bots’ are on a retainer from Council on a per social media post basis.

        They certainly seem to be getting ther ‘information’ from there. So formulaic, and council weasel-word like, are their responses it is hard to believe they are not paid trolls. And they certainly seem to have stuff all else to do with their lives so prolific is their ‘output’.

        CHCC bulldust served up as ‘indisputable fact’ seems to be their ‘modus operandi’.

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