Responses to Gordon Street DA; the latest count from the Planning Department

The following is a detailed breakdown of the submissions and comments sent by citizens and organisations on the Development Application (DA) for the proposed Cultural Centre and new Council Chambers in Gordon Street (pictured).

The proposed building in Gordon Street

There have been 824 submissions in total.

Of those there have been 810 Public Submissions. 17 of those have been in support of the proposal and 789 are objections to the DA.

There have also been four Comments with one in support and three objecting.

There have also been seven submissions from Organisations. Two have been in support, there has been one comments 1 (Gowings) and four have been against.

In addition there have also been seven Public Authority Submissions, all have been comments and all neutral in that they neither support or object to the DA.

Sourced from the NSW Planning Department’s web site. See; https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/project/11361

On a somewhat related matter;

One also wonders if the NSW Planning Department knows about this advertisement for a LGM Coordinator as part of the proposed CCC in Gordon Street even though a DA has yet to be approved for it?


  1. WOW 789 are ” objections to the DA”
    If this Project doesn’t get knocked on the Head there is something Badly Wrong with our Democratic system.

  2. Richard McDermott

    Eh,…… community consultation? We have to expunge this term consultation from the lexicon except maybe where it refers to visits to the doctor. What we need is community negotiation where both sides come to an issue on relatively equal terms and outcomes are not predetermined. Community consultation is humbug.

  3. Richard McDermott

    It seems to me now that some sort of behind the scenes guarantee must have been given to someone or some group without all due process having taken place. This can be the only reason for the almost manic support for this project from the senior staff and the Council of four plus one, all of whom are rejecting the overwhelming community response against the proposal. Is it time to enlist ICAC or maybe that would open a can of worms that the NSW Government and its planning department could do without?

  4. $86k for that position! Really?????? The words peanuts and monkeys come to mind.

    And, yes, why is this being advertised when it has not been approved yet? If the DA doesn’t get approved couldn’t this potentially open the Council to action under the Australian Consumer Law (2012) from any applicants?

  5. My observations on the DA Submissions for Gordon Street :
    Pro Submissions : The following is an extract from one of the few members of the public who have submitted their comments without the “Name With Held”
    QUOTE: “Relatively few people have had a long-standing personal view that the art gallery/museum should be on City Hill, which is situated well outside of the CBD, and wrote a petition which was widely circulated” COMMENT: 15,000 signatures is NOT a relatively few I submit.
    As for “Well outside of the CBD”. The CBD is growing eastwards and City Hill is in easy walking distance of less than 800 metres from Gordon Street.
    QUOTE: “Other petition supporters include those who have competing interests outside the City Centre, demonstrated particularly by the contribution from a Park Beach Plaza representative who has no interest in seeing a thriving retail heart in the CBD which would compete with their patronage”.
    COMMENT: I am sure that PBP CEO Steve Gooley would refute this claim.
    As the subject of the DA, the Cultural and Civic Space building as proposed is about Cultural facilities for the City of Coffs Harbour with the addition of Council offices, this submission as lodged, is more in support of the CBD as its main premise and prime focus I submit ?
    QUOTE : “It is unfortunate that so many in the general public have been swayed by misinformation about the consultation process-and wish to delay and stifle the project “.
    COMMENT: The person making this submission in support of Gordon Street appears to be CBD Centred, representing the views of a small number of supporters of this project.
    The writer is not representing the views of the wider community of the City of Coffs Harbour that stretches from Bonville to Red Rock and west to Lowanna, Glenreah and Ulong.
    It is about self interest in propping up a tired and worn down CBD.
    Oh, and by the way, the writer of this submission was once a Coffs Harbour City Councillor, who has been at the forefront of the CBD Master Plan up until recently.

    • And Rd b the more I dig the more the CBD MasterPlan has a lot to answer for …another eg of ineffective “interaction”, ” engagement with”, “consultation made” perhaps?

      We need – once we have a Council made up of suitable people – to revisit it…because there are other potential time bombshells in it as far as I can see

  6. Council has lost the plot and is at Panic Stations! Never in Council history has there ever been such a manic escalation of any project. Create as much damage as possible so that it can’t be undone, appears to be the mission. And in record time too! Hush your mouth and cover your ears, lest you hear the truth! “None so deaf as those who will not hear!” But who would, knowing the current political unrest, apply for this position? At $86k? That would barely cover the cost of an inevitable nervous breakdown. It closes after only one week! No pressure! What if, by sheer bad luck, the Minister for Planning was to veto the project? There must be a plan “B” -oh yes, no probs! – they could easily be seconded to the CWX team.

  7. Waste Warrior

    Throw in the escalating legal challenges Council has on many fronts (refer to the annual report), massive consulting costs, a waste crisis, water shortages, ratepayer dissatisfaction and a management team who are manipulative and self-centred and we’ve got the perfect storm brewing.

  8. I hear that Gladys media manager is looking for a sea change in Coughs Harbour (theres no smoke here) ,after just a few stuff ups ie light rail, stadium and next disaster Pyrmont fish markets and maybe fireworks.In order to facilitate transition,the media( Advocate) will work along side you to bring the recalcitrant public in line .Only this council could advertise a job with one weeks notice.Good luck everyone !!

  9. Tom Strickland

    STOP PRESS: We have overlooked something central to our cause! In all the debate we have lost the context of our “Town Hall/Civic Centre”. That multi-functional location to accommodate local or travelling theatre, civic receptions, winter balls, celebrations of any kind which brings our community together. The concept of this multi-functional facility disappeared from the lexicon about four years ago when Council sidelined it as a “Performing Arts Space” – which can be something quite specific, and much less accommodating of our needs. If we get bogged-down in a single purpose building, then the economics will not stand the test and it will be quickly deferred – again! Many locations build in the capacity to serve multiple functions. By clever design, a theatre can quickly be adapted for many varying purposes. The proposed Gordon Street CCS “Civic Space” for community gatherings appears to be no bigger than “Cavanbah Hall” – so that is quite inadequate. We need to consider this NOW as a community and be ready to make our submissions in February. Don’t confuse the term “Performing Arts Space” as meaning our “Town Hall/Civic Centre”. Please discuss this element and prepare your submissions before this brief window of opportunity closes.

  10. Tom you are quite correct we need to use the old term “TOWN HALL” which represents exactly what it says.
    All these fancy names our Council uses to explain things can mean many things as we are finding out now.

  11. The similarities between Gladys Berejiklian and her team and” the A team” on the council are so scary.The PR campaigns ,lack of accountability and brazen denials/lies .When things get really bad, roll out the media machine ,appear on radio and television as much as possible .Be on the defensive at all times,any criticism is dismissed with you are anti progress naysayer.The Sydney football stadium comes to mind, lets analyse the facts .The stadium was demolished with much public opposition.The tender was awarded to Lend Lease corp for $729 million, and the stadium was demolished ,then the govt said the work was too slow and expensive .They re tendered the work, and awarded the tender to John Holland for $828 million,$99 million more than the original tender.Gladys brazenly appeared on the media yesterday saying ,we went for the “best price”seriously.It s almost comically, but can you imagine our mayor saying these words ,I can hear it now “TICKED ALL THE BOXES”.Taxpayers/ratepayers need to stand up and say this is not good enough, your track record is not good. Accountability and good management and value for money are a priority.Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it .

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