Region now 80% double dosed. Let’s say thanks to health professionals.

All North Coast LGAs are now over 80% double dosed, and we aren’t even in December yet according to Healthy North Coast.

The medical charity yesterday sent out a big ‘thank you ‘ to all Northern NSW residents all for an amazing effort.

However, Healthy North Coast also said that to make our region even safer, families are now also encouraged to vaccinate their 12 to 15-year-olds.

You can book your vaccination now using the Vaccine Clinic Finder: ✅

Rural Positive campaign launched

Also the NSW Rural Doctors Network have launched their brilliant #RuralPositive initiative.

Community members are encouraged to offer thanks to rural health professionals for their resilience and dedication through a long period of drought, bushfires, flood, mice and, of course, COVID-19.

CCO, along with Healthy North Coast, would like to acknowledge the incredible efforts of all health professionals in our region and across Australia.

A heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Mid-North Coast community!

Agree with us? Then head to the Rural Positive ‘thanking wall’ to offer your gratitude today!

All pictures/figure: Healthy North Coast

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