Red C Events responds to Council statement on Fishing Club

Recently we ran a story by Prime News 7 about Red C Events finishing up operating its weekend events at the fishing club headed “Council forces iconic venue to close”. See;

Yesterday we also ran in full the response statement by the Coffs Harbour City Council in regards to this. See;

Now, in turn, we run below, in full, Red C Events response to Council’s statement put out yesterday on Red C’s Facebook page.

Red C Statement

“Obviously we knew our tenure was 3 years only.

We requested a possible further extension at the start of the year.

That is when the EOI process should have started, not 6 weeks before the end of our lease. We have no objection to the EOI process itself, it is the rushed nature of the process that we object to.

The EOI process should have been COMPLETED well before the current tenure ended, in any normal business procedure that is what would have happened.

Why wasn’t the EOI process started when we first inquired about extending our tenure at the start of the year?

We have pulled out of the Express of Interest (EOI) as Council staff have not made a decision on the tender and our lease is up Friday.

To cover their own mistake, Council offered us a 2 month lease at full rent (after we asked for 6 months so that a proper EOI process could be completed) after being closed for a month.

It just wasn’t viable economically to do that for such a short term with potential Covid lockdowns happening and no actual rent relief being offered (except some nebulous future possibility of rent relief which may or may not happen).

Regardless of all that, we are proud of the events space we created for the Coffs Coast community and have loved doing it in such an amazing location.

It has been a privilege to meet so many amazing people, including musicians, patrons, staff, and the fabulous Brendan & Ash with their Red Shell Dining team, and the friendships we’ve made far outweigh any hardships we’ve had due to Covid! ❤️🎸🎶

We are feeling the love and disappointment from our supporters but it is time to say farewell and move onto the next chapter in our lives!

We hope that the site, when redeveloped, will continue to be a community based venue and in the meantime we wish whoever takes on the next short term tenure all the best in their endeavour!”



Lead photo: From Red C Events Facebook page

One thought on “Red C Events responds to Council statement on Fishing Club

  1. The process is very familiar. Every time CHCC has a consultation of any kind the time frame is the absolute minimum, at the most inconvenient time, involving carefully chosen participants.
    Red C had a miserable three years in which to succeed. Miserable, because no business can become firmly established in such a short time span, and miserable because of the impossibility to prosper during the stop/go of a world pandemic.
    Why must Council play “Scrouge” in every business transaction? Is there no compassion to encourage our battlers? Responsible property owners are seeking ways to preserve their tenancies during the pandemic, not eviction that results in empty premises. And the community loses every time an enterprise closes down.
    It is ironic that Council assumed control of a public facility, then acts not as a Land Lord, but as a Feudal Lord with little regard for community welfare.

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