Recording of CHCC candidates meeting in Nana Glen

Here is a recording of the live stream as from the Candidates Forum held at Nana Glen, Wednesday evening 24 November.

The recording lasts 65 minutes. Thanks go to Kyle Hands of Coffs Harbour Sell, Swap and Buy.

Go to this Facebook link to view the meeting;


Lead photo: Screenshot – Cr Tegan Swan addresses the audience at Nana Glen

5 thoughts on “Recording of CHCC candidates meeting in Nana Glen

  1. Any chance of putting this video on youtube, for those of us that refuse to use bookface?

    Editor: I’ll see what I can do Ross – not my strong suite though unfortunately.

    1. Ross there is a trick to watch the video without logging in to Facebook as I am not a member also .
      When you click on to the https:// quickly with your mouse click on to the center where the play/pause symbol will appear just before the blocking login bit pops up then close the not available bit that pops up and your in! It may take a few tries to guess where the play/pause symbol will be, its worth watching to see how inept some of them are, also to witness the question the person put to John Arkan IMO quite rude.

  2. While candidates were making for the exit, mayoral candidates were stopped and asked what they’re standing for. Only Michael Adendorff was completely lost for words. Embarrassingly, the only thing he could offer was the invitation to visit his website to find out . That for me at least, is the mark of the man. Not Mayoral or Councillor candidate material in my opinion.

    1. Obviously,no way on earth will he get my votes, his past comments towards ratepayers were sarcastic to say the least.

    2. He really only wants to get back on council. Cecato’s his man. It’s all about preferences so best to vote below the line always for those you want on council not those other candidates want on council. Remember Adendorff only got sixty five votes last election but got elected on the votes of elected councillors not the public which is what can happen if you vote above the line. Voting below the line you can mark the people you definitely don’t want on council way down the list at around forty or below.

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