“Ratepayers must be told legal costs of Council’s ‘endless litigation’ on waste matters”- Labor for Coffs Council

Last night at the Council meeting it was revealed that we, the ratepayers of Coffs Harbour, have paid more than $4 million in legal fees in the dispute with the waste contractor.

Country Labor’s candidate for the Coffs Harbour City Council mayoralty, Mr Tony Judge, said “the dispute is still not resolved and there is no long term plan for our rubbish disposal except paying $10,000 every day to transport garbage to Tamworth.”

The ‘legal advice’ to Council staff said that the cost of litigation should not be revealed publicly.

Mr Judge asks; “Why not?? It’s our money that’s paying for this endless legal dispute and it’s our right to know the cost. Good government requires transparency, accountability and scrutiny.

This process has had none of those things. There are times when litigation is part of resolving a contract dispute, but there are also times when it becomes counter productive.

We need to know more so we can form a view on which one is happening here.”

“Either way, a legal argument won’t solve the problem of what to do with our rubbish. We have been seriously let down by this process” Mr Judge said.


The above is a media release from Labor for Coffs Harbour City Council. Friday 11 June 2021.

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2 thoughts on ““Ratepayers must be told legal costs of Council’s ‘endless litigation’ on waste matters”- Labor for Coffs Council

  1. As far as I am aware, the material being transported to Tamworth is not in fact garbage, but processed material. This material was able to be used previously, as fertiliser for farms, however, a change by the EPA has prohibited this use of the processed material.
    Having nowhere for the processed material to be used, it is now necessary for it to be carted to Tamworth, obviously at the ratepayers expense.

  2. Could we include those responsible for the present waste management debacle in the next run to Tamworth?

    Now that would be $10k well spent for a change!

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