“Quiet majority supports Gordon Street” – Mayor Knight

Mayor Denise Knight, in an interview with NBN last night, said the new multi-million dollar civic space will be the city’s “jewel in the crown”.

The Mayor also said she believed the vast majority of ‘quiet’ ratepayers in coffs harbour supported the project.

Her interview with NBN can be found here: https://www.nbnnews.com.au/2019/09/03/coffs-harbour-civic-space-project-needed-by-the-city/?fbclid=IwAR1uWuZrYX_cK2TKeAwQlvToz1-hOtXH74KeoWO-Sqgh1yUoYkXDxIKtHE4

7 thoughts on ““Quiet majority supports Gordon Street” – Mayor Knight

  1. The ” quiet majority” probably think they are getting a civic centre and entertainment complex not new Council Chambers and replacement library.

    1. Exactly Kehani. There has been a concerted effort to avoid informing the community since the performing arts space was highjacked by Council in 2016.

      What the Mayor misunderstands is that failing (intentionally or otherwise) to inform all residents does not equate to them giving consent. It is not an action of default. The responsibility is entirely Council’s.

  2. I am reliably informed there were only 78 submissions in an area with a population of 76,000 people which would suggest to me there was NO proper public consultation and, given the response to the petition, that would also suggest there was NO PROPER PUBLIC CONSULTATION on the Gordon Street proposals. Janne C Lindrum

  3. A key role of the Office of Local Government is to investigate serious breakdowns in council operations. They have two ways of doing this under the Local Government Act – section 430 investigations and section 438U public inquiries.
    Under section 430, the Chief Executive has the power to carry out investigations into council operations. This power is generally only used if a council’s conduct is having a serious impact on the local community.
    Having factional discord in regard to the current 4 – 4 splits with the casting vote giving the Mayor a singular interpretation on community expectations, can only result in having a serious impact on the community, and cause major divisions and disharmony among ratepayers
    Under section 438U LG Act, the Minister for Local Government has the power to appoint a commissioner to conduct a public inquiry into the council. This is a necessary step before a council can be dismissed. The Minister may order an inquiry at any time or as a result of a section 430 investigation.
    Public inquiries are essential if a council becomes dysfunctional through maladministration, corruption or some other reason. After the inquiry process, the Minister may appoint an administrator.

    1. Thanks Mark. I also believe there is an avenue should the Council not have a quorum of Councillors, where the Governor could decide without an inquiry.

  4. Looking into a mirror and getting no reply back does not constitute consulting with ‘the quiet majority’ Denise!

  5. This council extracts $31,000 + GST annually from its citizen volunteers to lease the premises for its Coffs Harbour Neighborhood Centre. Which silent majority are you backing Mayor Knight?

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