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“Put the handbrake on and reconsider City Hill!” Meeting to Council

The Norm Jordan Pavilion was packed to the rafters last night for a public meeting, called by former Coffs Harbour MP Andrew Fraser, to discuss plans for the city’s Culture and Civic Space.

Members of a packed audience at the Norm Jordan pavilion last night. Some people could not get in. Photo: ABC Coffs Coast

The majority of the estimated 400 to 450 people gathered at last night’s meeting voted for former Coffs Harbour MP’s Andrew Fraser’s motion to call on the Coffs Harbour City Council to consider all proposals for the local cultural facilities.

It also asked in the motion, moved by former President of the Chamber of Commerce Peter Lubans, that;

“The council gives consideration to some or all of these facilities to be located at City Hill, which was originally purchased by the council from the Federal government for cultural purposes.”

Two people, including former Greens Coffs Harbour candidate Jonathan Cassell, opposed the motion.

Another angle of the meeting. Photo: Rob Trezise

Parking, the basis behind the assumptions forming the reasoning for the proposed centre, its location and co-location with the council chambers and concerns about the proposed asset sales for funding and the projected and ongoing cost of the proposed Cultural and Civic Space development were key talking points over the two-hour forum.

Speakers in addition to Mr Fraser included Steve Gooley (below), General Manager of the Bachrach Naumburger Group and GM of Park Beach Plaza, former barrister Peter Wardman and Councillor Keith Rhodes. Additional short speeches were also given by John Orchard

Photo – Trevor Veale – The Coffs Coast Advocate

What can you do now?

Ratepayers were also strongly urged to attend the Council meeting next Thursday 25 July at Council Chambers at 5.00 p.m. to show Councillors of their concerns about the Gordon Street proposal.

Additionally ratepayers are urged to send respectful and succinct emails outlining their issues on the topic to Councillors Townley, Addendorf and Ceccatto with a cc to all other Councillors too by the morning of Thursday 25 July.

Here are the email addresses of all Coffs Harbour City Councillors;

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

Also please get down to Coffs Central, Depot Cafe, on Monday 22 July between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. and talk respectfully to Councillors Amos, Arkan, Rhodes, Swan and Townley about your thoughts on the current Cultural- Civic Centre precinct in Gordon Street.

A Triple M Coffs Coast interview with Andrew Fraser held after last night’s meeting can be listened to here; https://www.triplem.com.au/news/coffs

One of the meme’s doing the rounds on social media and elsewhere at the moment.


  1. PEOPLE POWER……and note from the Pictures …A large Mature Group of Ratepayers/ Residents… who may I add…. were ,” BRAVE” to attend at short notice in this Flu ridden Winters night. This group are the forgotten voices as many are not online …..but have paid rates and in this economic times are very CONCERNED how their money is spent. I APPLAUD YOU ALL for attending last night’s meeting . All voted for the motion…2. Against….I THINK THAT SAYS IT ALL.!!!!!!!

    It was a Public OPEN FORUM MEETING….where were the # Be Brave group????

    Thankyou Andrew Fraser for organising it and all the speakers. I see it as a HUGE SUCCESS.!!!

    Mayor Denise Knight, Depty Mayor Tegan Swan Cr Sally Townsend ,Cr Michael Aidenorff ,Cr Crecato, Cr Paul Amos ,Cr Keith Rhoades & Cr John Arkan….I know you all are reading….The People Of Coffs Coast have spoken. !!!!

  2. Bernard Lucas

    I have heard a whisper……Four Corners are sniffing …..mention of ICAC …stay tuned.

  3. I Claudius

    ‘The Emperor Has No Clothes’

  4. Nan Cowling

    This was a massive turnout and a very succinct agenda. Everyone spoke very politely but down to earth with their comments. Very well done.

  5. Rob Trezise

    Thank goodness CCO publishes without fear or favour, including comments.
    Another print media outlet ( Newscorp owned) has been very selective in even reporting the Gordon Street opposition, along with most negative comments.
    I did not see NBN TV cover the community meeting held on Thursday evening.
    On Facebook ABC Coffs Coast has been removing some comments from its pages in relation to Gordon Street and Coffs Harbour City Council.
    It has gone so far as to remove all comments by a contributor to Coffs Coast Outlook, Maxwell Smart. My understanding also is that Facebook shut down his account.
    In a country where we expect a free and open media, perhaps in Coffs Harbour it doesn’t apply at some media outlets ?
    I also understand that the Coffs Harbour City Council’s Media person does not recognise Coffs Coast Outlook as a legitimate media organisation and therefore is excluded from Council’s mailing list, Press Conferences and the media table at Council’s General Meetings.
    The impact that an independent news and commentary media outlet must have some within City Hall nervous ?

    Editors note: thanks for the kind words Rob – much appreciated. Just a point though, we are not a media organisation. We are a not for profit group of individuals offering citizen’s journalism to the people of the Coffs Coast.As we say in our ‘AboutUs/FAQ link; “We are here to give an alternative voice to the Coffs Coast and to keep you up to date and involved in our region and our world. What can you do here? You can interact, propose and agitate.’ So long the latter is done respectfully and within the law in relation to relevant matters we’ll mostly publish what you say.

  6. Thankyou Rob Trezise. To the People who deleted my comments and reported me to Facebook …..I THANKYOU ….as I will NOT BE SILENCED …that is why TRUTH was picked up & EXPOSED by Ray Hadley.
    The timing was PERFECT !!! As it was just Before Andrew Frasers Public Meeting where 400-500 people turned out with only 2 opposed to the motion put forward.

    Regards Max.

  7. When People in Power & media with power shut you down & Try too SILENCE YOU….a Very Elderly Man OF Knowledge said to me as a boy….Son then you m
    Must being doing something right!!

    Regards Max

  8. “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, it’s also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

    Good to see that’s happening on Monday though unlikely the un-courageous fools will be there.

  9. A big new library with no books in it (ie books will be rarely printed in a generation or two) ….the big new museum can house the books (now there’s a saving!!) as they will be consigned to history….there is nothing else worthwhile to put in the museum…..oh wait a minute…maybe the dinosaurs that support this proposal….always easy to put your hand in someone else’s pocket and spend their money…..wakeup !!!

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