Planning Department recommends Councillors reject Two Tails DA

Coffs Harbour City Councillors are tonight being asked by their Planning Department to reject a DA to allow Two Tales Winery and Restaurant in Nana Glen to expand the restaurant dining areas, involving the use of the existing deck for seating and the use of two grassed areas adjoining the existing restaurant and vineyard.

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Among the reasons given for the recommendation to Councillors, resulting from what Outlook understands to be objections by a small number of residents among the 12 submissions received, was one that argued: “the business operator is unlikely to stick to any requirement of a Council approval or a liquor licence as they already consistently do not comply with the requirement of the existing approval and liquor licence.” See;

In a statement on the Coffs Coast Advocate’s Facebook site Two Tails owner Madonna Bannerman said ” Just to clarify a few things. We trade until 10pm 2 nights a week and we close at 4.30pm every other day.

We are not wanting Music on the grass area as we are not wanting to upset our neighbors.

We have not breached any liquor license rules and if we did Liquor and Gaming would take our license off us. We run this business within the guidelines of what council has approved.

We are asking to use the grassed area as alternative dining option just like every winery in Australia. The Councillors have a chance on Thursday night to do the right thing for the Coffs Coast, tourism and employment.

Let’s see what happens.”

Two Tails Winery owner Madonna Bannerman was unavailable for comment.
Two Tails Winery owner Madonna Bannerman. Photo: Trevor Veale, The Coffs Coast Advocate.

Other objections included issues around parking and that outdoor seating areas are not defined enough and it was “doubtful that customers will be kept to these designated areas”.

Submissions in support argued that the development should be supported as it provides important economic benefits for the local economy.

Additionally others also argued that Council has been “discriminating against the business operator and should instead be promoting the business as it provides employment”.

Outlook understands the vast majority of Nana Glen and other Orara Valley based ratepayers strongly support the Two Tails DA, including other businesses in the area.

Editors note: Liqour licensing and policing is carried out in NSW by Liquour and Gaming NSW, a State Government Department. Do you, like us, not find it strange therefore that liqour licensing issues are mentioned in the report to Councillors when prima facie it does not appear to be within the remit of the CHCC Planning Department?

We also understand that Liqour and Gaming have not had issues with Two Tails in this regard.


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8 thoughts on “Planning Department recommends Councillors reject Two Tails DA

  1. Two Tails Winery and Restaurant is beautifully run and an absolute joy to visit. The food and service is first class.

    Surely the council will not vote against them. Nana Glen and the Coffs area can only benefit from their improvements.

  2. There are also many comments on the Facebook site of “Coffs Harbour City Council Ratepayers, Residents and Business Owners”.
    I urge all readers of Outlook to visit the page, like it and feel free to make further comments there.
    There has not been a single comment supportive of the Council’s Town Planners decision to recommend refusal of the DA lodged by Two Tails Wines.
    It has also been revealed that many times Two Tails have been subjected to extraordinary investigation and faced hurdles to climb in order to grow their small business in a local community.
    It is of deep concern to many people who have frequented Two Tails as to why they experience so many difficulties while others elsewhere have a rubber stamp waiting for their DA approval.
    Two Tails is an award winning small business that should be encouraged and supported, not trodden down in favour of others and one unknown protester.
    Hopefully the Councillors can ask the Town Planners are few more questions and justify why they give Two Tails Wines the treatment they do , consistently.

  3. I cannot understand why Two Tails is continually thwarted in its attempts to grow their business and upgrade visitors experiences. This ‘harassment’ in my opinion seems to have been going on for years while other wineries DAs in the area are always passed.

    The red-herring about the liquor license is just rubbish in my opinion… no complaints or investigations by the Liquor and Gaming Authority that I am aware of.

  4. As a long time resident of Nana Glen I fully support the DA and hope council has the sense to approve a business that is an asset to our community and the valley generally.

    The majority want this so how can council listen to a very small minority of people. As to noise I live across the creek from the equestrian centre and when they have functions which is regular, my husband and myself listen to the entertainment from our verandah and think it adds character to the district.

    To the complainers I say chill out put your feet up and have a glass of wine.

  5. The Planning Department of the CHCC is transparent, above board, punctual, efficient to a fault and fair. It is known far and wide as being independent of Councillors and the Council Executive.

    It’s record in the NSW Land and Environment Court is exemplary!

    Ask anyone who has applied for a DA around our lovely council area how good they are.

    They never try and influence decisions by involving themselves in internal politics either. And they would never support agendas held by other staff and colleagues in the council.

    In my opinion they are ‘purer than the driven snow’. 😉

  6. Two Tails is good for Nana Glen, it brings people over Red Hill and people begin to realize that Nana Glen is not too far to drive and it has a lot of things to offer, and the food and service is 4 Stars and excellent, let some progress happen.

  7. How could the DA NOT be approved?
    Why would anyone want to stunt the growth of a thriving business?
    It’s not a noise generating operation, crammed into the middle of a housing estate.
    Can we have some common sense applied, please?

  8. Great little business very professional run cannot understand objections to what is a developing small business that will benefit Nana Glen and Coffs Coast.

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