Petition: Stop the building of Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space.

Let’s stop the building of the proposed Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space that is set to cost $76.5million. The councils’ report states that 51% of people consulted on the proposal had positive feedback. That is not a resounding ‘yes’ from the community. The building is a waste of money. 

By Jami Winnacott

Edit: This petition is to support Rescission Motion RM19/01 and to let Crs Knight, Adendorff, Cecato and Townley know that the community is opposed to the building of the currently proposed Cultural and Civic Space. 

The proposed Cultural Centre and new Council Chambers/Administration building.

Go to this link to sign and/or share an donate;

16 thoughts on “Petition: Stop the building of Coffs Harbour Cultural and Civic Space.

  1. THANKYOU Jami Winnacott for organising this Online Petition on Change.Org
    We now need to get as many people on the Coffs Coast that oppose this Project too sign to send a clear Message to the opposing 3 councillors & Mayor.
    With the meeting ajourned to August 8th this gives us time to share this petition across the Powerfull Tool of Social Media and get the numbers up too show we are the Majority …not the Minority that oppose this Project.

    THANKYOU Coffs Coast Outlook for publishing it. 🙂

    Regards Max

  2. Thank you for organising the Petition, Jami and thank you to Coffs Coast Outlook for publishing it.
    I think it is absolutely critical that the people of Coffs Harbour take this opportunity to demonstrate
    loudly and clearly their desire for a stand-alone, employment creating, revenue generating ARTS & hospitality centre on CITY HILL. Please sign this petition. Warm wishes, Janne C Lindrum

  3. I just received my CHCC rate notice for the financial year 2019 / 20 and after my pensioner discount my rates and charges have increased 3.4%. I will receive an indexed pension increase in September of less than 2% and this council wants to splash over $75 million and goodness knows how much more on a project which will largely facilitate council administration. Even Donald Duck and Goofy know that when the cost blowout occurs if this project goes ahead it will be the ratepayers who will foot the bill either in cash terms or lost services meaning greater cash outlays from ratepayers. Coffs Harbour with a larger than average pensioner ratepayer base just cannot afford this project and the councillors must be made to see this under pain of removal at next year’s council election.

  4. We need these facilities where they will do the most good. Please think of our childrens future. Please do your research. This project will not reduce services. Roads and infrastructure planning will continue unaffected. Upgrades to roads and footpaths is happening every day. This project will not and can not increase your rates. Or my rates. If you have been in the council offices you understand the need for better facilities. The cost of refitting existing buildings is more than building new in the proposed new building. Having a central building for staff will improve productivity. Currently staff walk or drive between offices regularly, wasting time and therefore ratepayers money. PLEASE do some research of your own, educate yourself, talk to city centre retailers who are struggling. City Hill is disconnected from everywhere. We already have too much disconnection with the city centre, jetty, and the plaza. Put the facilities where people work and shop and can encourage more business therefore more jobs for our kids, instead of them leaving in droves and Coffs being a giant retirement village. Think about it. Research it. Get off the bandwagon and think of our families futures

    1. None of your arguments stand up to the 76.5 million being proposed on this project. I’m not surprised if staff walk or drive between offices regularly, but that means fixing that problem rather than spending a bunch of money to create a new one. City centre retailers aren’t struggling because the council building is old. Didn’t we just spend a bucketload upgrading the city centre for those retailers? Or what about all the roadworks they did in town? It made going to the city centre a chore. Decisions like this are why Coffs is already a retirement village. Kids are leaving Coffs because the only jobs are in retail. Nobody wants to stick around in a town where there’s no entertainment centre but the big hype is a new council building with a gallery and a library. Come on.

    2. I can’t see how any age group would be excited about new Council offices and how these would get our youth to stay in Coffs. It would be more likely that a Council with high levels of debt would deter people to live here. Perhaps, you could do some research and definitely consider your family’s future.

    3. Well said Andrea.
      You got it right.

      Most of the contributors to these pages have no idea. Don’t want to invest in our children and grand children. Shame on them.
      Starting with Ann Leonard who is the owner of a small gallery in Coffs Harbour. She obviously has her own interests at heart.

  5. Might I suggest to you M/s Vallance it is you with a need to do the research.

    1. How do you know the cost of the refit of the existing chambers – Council says no costing has been done.
    2. How can you possibly know rates will not increase?
    3. Sitting in a plush leather chair in a bigger office will not improve the decision making processes.
    4. Moving the council chambers less than 200 feet will not have any marked positive influence over the struggling retailers. It has not done so in the past and will not do so in the future.
    5. Finally, how are the proposed council chambers more important than the full provision of footpaths, guttering and proper road maintenance? For Council to make a promise to do something over ten years is really a bit rich. Money only goes so far. And, by adding an extra burden for thirty years to pay off loans on a new council chambers does not mean youngsters they will stay on in Coffs Harbour. They need jobs not handouts; or are you suggesting they can all work for council?.

  6. My husband & I spent Sunday morning at the boot market gathering signatures from ratepayers. 230 were collected in a short time and only 2 were in favour of the cultural centre. All we did was ask if they were ratepayers and did they approve of the cultural centre. Most people were very upset about the whole idea. We were also informed there was under utilised space at the council

    1. Thank you Marian (and your husband) for making such an effort gathering signatures from ratepayers (perhaps all residents including ‘renters’ should also have a say). We were unaware that there was a petition until we saw a notice down at the jetty, this morning.
      It is very interesting that only 2 out of 230 actually supported the project, less than 1%. Our Mayor claims that 51% support the project (just another lie from Council). We support a new arts gallery, library, museum and performing arts centre at City Hill or the Jetty. Absolutely no need or justification for new Council offices.
      We have lost confidence with our Mayor and council management for being so stupid with our money. Hopefully, the project’s supporters will see sense and cancel the inclusion of council offices. If not, the state government may have to intervene.
      Thanks again for your efforts.

  7. Financially disastrous behaviour of the Council to proceed with such a project. We do need a better art gallery, museum, library and a new performing arts centre would be nice. COFFS HARBOUR DOES NOT NEED NEW COUNCIL OFFICES!
    Council offices must be removed from the project and then start again with the design concepts with a new arts gallery, museum, library and performing arts centre in a much better location than ugly Gordon Street.
    If necessary, the state government should intervene and stop this waste of money. I have lost confidence with the CHCC in their ability to manage Coffs Harbour.

  8. Stop the Building of this building. There are much more important things than this Council folly.

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