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Petition signers represent far more people?

I’m reading about serious Civil & Criminal court action in America whereby the defendant Lawyer makes a case that in Jury selection, a single Juror represents the views of multiple people. The judge and Prosecution agreed this point which is made. 

Therefore it seems anyone who expresses a public opinion or makes a public statement, are not being single minded and each are very likely to carry the same views of many others.

I therefore see strong relevance to what’s going on in Coffs Harbour.  It’s definitely much more than 30% of the people against Gordon Street.

The 13,000 (or however many) are only the people who either made an effort to sign the petition or happened to be conveniently close to a signing station and volunteered their signature.

However, in-fact they themselves are most likely to represent the views of many more people.  So, if you get my point, one could assume there’s a multiplier effect and it’s very likely that 50% or more of the Coffs adult population are against Gordon Street Civic Centre.


The above was published as a letter to the editor of the Advocate on Wednesday 25 September and also on a number of Facebook pages locally yesterday too.

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