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Petition hits 10 thousand – and rising!

The petition to the NSW State Legislature calling for State Legislature to ask the Minster for Local Government to order a pause on the Gordon Street development and deeper analysis and consideration of other alternatives reached it’s goal of ten thousand signatures in under three weeks yesterday.

The Citizens Voice group that is behind the petition informed the Coffs Coast Outlook yesterday that at mid-afternoon on Thursday 5 September just over 10,000 signatures had been received with some petitions still to be collected.

Petition organisers, in an email yesterday, also signaled they will leave petitions out in the community so as to achieve even more signatures if possible stating they had never seen the Coffs Harbour community so united on an issue.

Outlook received many online comments and emails about the proposed Cultural Centre and new Council Chambers along similar lines including the following photo shopped picture.

The petition has also driven a lot of comment on social media such as Facebook……..


  1. Debbie and Graeme lee

    We Debbie and Graeme Lee of Dairyville oppose the “Cultural Development ” proposed by the council.We feel it is unaffordable and totally unnecessary for the Coffs rate payers.

  2. We had a community venue but they demolished it and turned it into the CEX car park. Gordon street seems to be a lemonous idea not whats required for concerts. There’s already a council chambers. The library could be improved. So could the council.

  3. robert walter yandell

    It is in fact a very bitter lemon leaving a very sour taste in rate payers mouths.
    Conceived in secret and done with deception.

  4. Mayor Denise Knight is desperate. Yesterday In Sawtell Mayor Denise Knight was going around looking who signed the petitions . The Advocate have a story online at their site that Mayor Knight is not concerned with the over 10,000 who have signed the petition. If this is true then why were you sighted looking thru the pages at the Sawtell Business Mayor Knight????

  5. You know what..! What I really don’t understand is why Denise Knight, a supposed intelligent woman, allowed herself to be influenced, got at and pulled in directions where she shouldn’t have by a cunning egocentric General Manager who fails on all counts.
    Is it weakness or just plain stupidity ?
    Either way, if she once had a reputation, it’s now in laying in tatters which is very sad for her. But good for Coffs Harbour.

  6. Don’t get too excited about the 10k of signatures. Government treat them with a grain of salt unfortunately.
    I know one person who claims to have signed this petition several hundred times by going from business to business repeatedly.
    They are a joke really.

  7. Chris Bramley

    I expect your claim is not fact Will. The local member’s staff has reviewed all sheets and the count. Your claim would have raised attention. Notwithstanding, who would go to multiple venues to sign several hundred times? Similar claims were made by Council supporters on Fb and refuted. You and others just appear foolish. BTW the petition continues.

    As an aside, do you know the Mayor quotes only consulting 1800 people in order to claim majority community support? I have asked whether those 1800 were individuals or same people attending multiple or related sessions. I’m still waiting for a reply.

    It does however put the significance of the petition in a better light, given it will now be debated in parliament and Council’s community consultation process and objectivity will be the scrutiny of the NSW Government.

    Enjoy your day.

    • From what I understand Chris petitions are counted as one.
      I know of many people who signed the petition multiple times and many who signed using aliases.

      Interesting comment re the local members staff scrutinizing the petition. It’s ironic that G Singh has buried his head on this issue but his staff do your dirty work. Doesn’t auger well for him.
      I expect he will have a short political career.

  8. Chris Bramley

    Will, it’s a typical response. One fellow on FB claimed someone as having visited every business hosting the petition and signing “several hundred times”! The impracticality let alone the stupidity of such a statement beggars belief. Having said that, it would be improbable there could not be instances of repetition. But in the context of over 11800 signatures, I doubt it is of any significance.

    The key to the petition Will is that in reaching 10,000, not necessarily exceeding it as is the case in this instance, the matter goes beyond the Minister, but gets debated in Parliament casting Coffs Harbour squarely in the limelight.

    In respect of the local member, it is not his role to take side in a local issue, but is a conduit to the Minister and now Parliament. I have had no interaction with Mr Singh so time will tell. As regards his staff, I think you comment is unfair. They have a role to perform and are doing so professionally as I can see. As you would expect the volume of pages of signatures, which are still being collected, would be enormous.

    Finally Will, possible you may consider 11800 signatures against the unsupported, but public claim by the Mayor and Council, that they consulted 1800 to justify their “community” consultation and justify wasting ratepayers funds for 30 years in paying off the limited loan of $46mil. According to the local government guidelines, Council’s claim breaches its obligations.

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