Patrick Conaghan Wins Nationals Pre Selection for Cowper

The pre-selection vote was held in Macksville on Saturday where four candidates ran for the chance to represent the division following the retirement of current member, Luke Hartsuyker.

Prior to Mr Conaghan’s admission to the NSW Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia, he served as a Detective and Police Prosecutor in the New South Wales Police Force for 12 years.

He has been a practicing Lawyer in the area of Criminal Defence for over 17 years and  practiced in Sydney (italic piece added by Outlook editor).

Although the date is yet to be set for the Federal election, campaigning has got into full swing with the website domain name appearing to have been purchased by Labor, with the page re-directing to Andrew Woodward’s Labor website.

The latest announcement leaves one final question on candidates for the upcoming election, whether or not Rob Oakeshott will contest the seat?

While it is expected that he will run as an independent, this could make the chances of Labor’s Andrew Woodward securing the division more difficult if Labor preferences go to the independent.

Sally Townley has also confirmed that she will run for the Greens.


2 thoughts on “Patrick Conaghan Wins Nationals Pre Selection for Cowper

  1. It’s time for a change from the do nothing powerless Nationals. Rob Oakeshott is ideal, he proved before that as an independent he can get action for his local electorate. All the while we vote National, we will be taken for granted by government of both major parties and have no leverage to get things done. The very last thing we need is another lawyer in the Coalition. The Nationals are a significant force in holding this country back. They were against the NBN, don’t believe in climate change despite many of their voters suffering drought and preach morality while demonstrating their disrespect for family values. Vote for a person who is free to make positive choices for this community not someone hobbled by nineteenth Century party dogma.

  2. Well said Michael. The Nats have taken Cowper for granted for eons, likewise Coffs Harbour at State level too. It’s time to give them one heck of a big kick in the butt.

    Yesterdays partial backdown on the bypass is a sign that the Nats may be awakening to the fact the population on the Coffs Coast is over them I suspect. But they need to be ‘held to the fire’ on that promise of tunnels. Seeing will be believing. A loss of a seat or two in the State and Federal elections here might force them to rethink their taking this area for granted while also dragging the rest of the country backwards.

    ‘Give ’em the flick’ I say.

    It’s nice to see Oakeshott entering the fray and also finally the ALP seems to be running hard here for a change too.

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