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How government inaction fuelled Australia’s renewable energy boom

Another report, another plan and yet still, we are as far from political consensus over energy and the environment as ever. By Ian Verrender, ABC Business Correspondent. After the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission released the findings of its long-running review into the electricity sector last week, Canberra once again […]

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Australia’s spending on research now far below OECD average

Universities Australia says government and business have ignored economy’s ‘backbone’ Australia has fallen well behind the rest of the developed world when it comes to research funding, the peak lobbying body for universities has warned. By Michael McGowan Ahead of a parliamentary inquiry into research funding, Universities Australia has complained […]

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Has the Government been ‘telling porkies’ on plain package ‘ciggies’?

After the Wakefield survey results turned out to be unconvincing, the Australian government had another problem in demonstrating the efficacy of its plain packaging policy. Many government data sets showed that the prevalence or incidence of smoking had increased after the introduction of plain packaging. By Sinclair Davidson Of course […]