Northern NSW fires destroy 26 homes

The Rural Fire Service has confirmed 26 houses have so far been lost in the recent bushfires in Northern NSW.

A total of 16 in the Long Gully Road fire near Drake, two homes in the Shark Creek bushfire near Yamba and one home was destroyed at the Mount McKenzie Road bushfire near Tenterfield.

The fire near Dorigo. Photo – ABC Coffs Coast

Northern Tablelands RFS spokesperson Reynir Potter says those numbers could increase.

“We’ve done a bushfire impact analysis of approximately 90 percent of the homes in the Bees Nest area so the number may rise but it’s an absolute tragedy that we have to inform you that we have had seven homes lost in the area but saying that we’ve got to acknowledge the extraordinary efforts of the firefighters on the ground, we’ve seen that’s there’s 156 homes that have been unaffected.”

First published at the ABC Coffs Coast Facebook page – 17 September 2019.

One thought on “Northern NSW fires destroy 26 homes

  1. Editor,

    In recent times we’ve seen fires wreak havoc, again. In recent times we’ve seen people put their lives at risk to stop fires, again. In recent times we’ve seen the leaders of the state Liberal and National parties and local state and federal ‘Nats’ visit impacted areas offering ‘thoughts and prayers’, again. The people of the mid-north and north coast need to call the Liberals and Nationals out, again

    At the outset, let me say fires have always been a fact of life in Australia. Climate change did not cause the recent fires. Climate change is, however, making fires more frequent and ferocious. Some ecosystems will never restore. Towns will die as banks won’t loan on properties. Underwriters will abandon insurance.

    The great journalist Laurie Oakes was right when he called the political class that Ms Berejiklian and Mr Barilaro symbolise as ‘political pygmies’. Both have small ambitions. Both are afraid to lead. For our sake, they need to be ambitious, lead and to follow the evidence of consensus science, and quickly. They need to act on climate change and get their federal counterparts to do the same.

    These Liberals and Nationals are implementing policies that are putting the lives of people, property and our precious ecosystems at risk, indeed danger. Local people must act. They need to stop voting for the Nationals. It is a life and death matter.

    Have a look at the recent Federal Election results in Cowper, Page and New England. These are the percentages of people who voted for the Nationals in the areas around the recent two big fires: Bostobrick 62%, Ebor 55%, Tenterfield 70%, Guyra 76%, Yamba 54%, Yamba west 66% and Maclean 67%

    These people are voting for the accelerated onset on climate change and, more specifically, more frequent and ferocious bad weather events, be it fire or flood.

    It is is dumb. It is as if the turkeys are getting ready for Christmas. They’re voting for people who are hurting them. It needs to stop. They need to stop for their sake and the sake of their children, grandchildren and the future existence of their towns. It is that serious.

    The Nationals? They sit back, laugh and say, ”Thank you for smoking”.

    Editors note: Andrew was the ALP candidate for Cowper at the recent federal election.

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