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“Nats have brought out the mud bucket” – Oakeshott

Rob Oakeshott says “the National Party have brought out the mud bucket. We see this every election. When they feel threatened, they play dirty”. 

They’re paying hundreds-of-thousands to fill our TVs with wall-to-wall ads that are full of falsehoods. So here are the facts. 


Throwing ‘mud’ or something else?

Fiction: I went straight from uni to a politician’s office. 

Fact: My first job was in the transport industry, establishing a men’s health program for truck drivers. 

Fiction: I ‘took‘ a job at State and Federal Parliament.

Fact: The community who have pulled in behind me every campaign, worked hard so we could win seven elections at the ballot box. 

Fiction: I have a ‘cushy’ Commonwealth pension. (An attack that’s never leveled at major party politicians for some reason…)

Fact: I don’t have a Commonwealth pension. I do have a State Parliament pension, but I’ll be giving that up to represent Cowper. 

Fiction: I make money from AEC election contributions. 

Fact: AEC election contributions pay for posters, TV and radio ads, shirts and everything else. There are far better ways to make money. 

Fiction: I haven’t finished a tax funded medical degree. 

Fact: I’m still passing med, and I’m paying for it with a HECS debt. Just like every other Aussie student.

Fiction: I’m supported by GetUp. 

Fact: This is incorrect, The Australian even ran a retraction

Representing Cowper ‘is a real job’ – Rob Oakeshott

Fiction: It’s time for Rob to get a real job. 

Fact: Representing you is a real job, and I’m all in. 


The above is a Press Release from the Rob Oakeshott for Cowper Campaign – Monday 13 May 2019.

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