National Party candidate for Cowper – “No to climate change and Adani debate”.

The National Party’s candidate for Cowper, Pat Conaghan (pictured below with retiring member for Cowper, Luke Hartsuyker) has declined the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group’s invitation to Tuesday’s big #ClimateElection#CowperVotes forum.

So the Action Group asked him a few questions at the Harbourside markets yesterday (Sunday 28 April) and they say he didn’t hesitate to state he disagrees with climate science and that he backs Adani’s coal mine.

Pat Conaghan, left, with Luke Hartsuyker

A link to the quick interview with Mr Conaghan mentioned above can be found at the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group’s Facebook page here:

The Action Group have other candidates for Cowper ready to act on climate and you can hear from them directly this Tuesday 30 April at 7pm (19.00 hrs) at the C.ex Club, Vernon Street Coffs Harbour.

The above is based on the Coffs Coast Climate Action Group’s Facebook post page post of Sunday 27 April 2019.


3 thoughts on “National Party candidate for Cowper – “No to climate change and Adani debate”.

  1. And there was I thinking the dinosaurs were knocked out by an asteroid 66 million years ago! Also known as the Cretaceous–Tertiary (K–T) extinction.

    Photographic and video proof, no less, that I, and everyone else, was wrong.

  2. Who is Pat Conaghan ? Checking out what is known about him, tells us that he is a former Police Officer, Drug Squad undercover detective, turned Police Prosecutor, now a Sydney based Lawyer.
    He was a former North Sydney City Councillor, an unsuccessful Liberal Party candidate at a pre selection in a Sydney seat.
    Surprisingly he is now the Nationals Candidate for Cowper, chosen ahead of several Port Macquarie and Coffs Coast candidates.
    I am led to believe that some local National Party members are far from happy that the Nationals HQ pushed Conaghan into Cowper against their wishes.
    We have not seen him on the hustings, although we could say we have seen plenty of his corflutes, together with advertising signs on many of our bus stops.
    Could it be that the Nationals have become so arrogant that they expect to win Cower, no matter the candidate, no matter the
    policies ?
    For far too long, the party have been given a soft ride each election in Cowper by local the Murdoch media, especially the Coffs Coast Advocate, this time not much has changed.
    I challenge local voters to confront every candidate where ever they encounter them during the campaign, such as at pre poll, polling booths and at any meet the candidates meetings.
    Politely of course without emotion, but they must be asked the important questions facing this electorate.
    What is their policies on the Coffs Harbour By Pass with Tunnels, the Pacific Highway, health, education and child care. climate change, the environment, rural planning and an indigenous treaty.
    While Coffs Outlook has a role to play and its readers, it is unlikely that the Advocate will ask “sticky” questions of their favourite candidate , it us up to every voter to demand answers from the candidates and not accept the status quo because from Port Macquarie to Coffs Harbour, the future is not going to be very much different to what we have now, unless we move on from the National Party to an Independent in Rob Oakeshott, or another non Nationals candidate.

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